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How to Increase Your Audience Reach With Adcash Network?

Posted on the 12 December 2016 by Rahulthepcl

Online Marketing is new Cool! Gone are the days when companies used to spend thousands of dollars on branding and to publicize their brands by the use of hoardings, flyers, etc. The never-stopping use of Internet and new technologies introducing day by day have shifted the phase of marketing.
Be it on smartphones, desktops, or Tables, Online Marketing is now all over the place. From small startups to Large Enterprises like Amazon, everyone targets their audience through mobile platforms. And to successfully deploy these advertising needs, many Advertising Networks were set up online.

How to Increase Your Audience Reach With Adcash Network?

Are you a Company? Are you a brand or a PR firm targeting to your client's reach to more audience? Then, you are at the right place. Today, we're to review one of the most remarkable Advertising Network for Publishers as well as Advertisers. So, without any further talking, let's get started with the review of Adcash

Fulfilling the advertising needs since 2007, Adcash has come a long way to supply high user traction platforms for all the advertisements. At the same, it has been providing various revenue sources for different publishers all across the globe.
Compiling multiple smart algorithms, Adcash has integrated its AdApt engine to deploy maximized results for all the brands and companies to get new potential customers and user engagement. Though it is a great platform for all the growing bloggers and publishers, we're here to review for all the Advertisers.

A Trustworthy Network for Advertisers

With more than 950 million impressions per week on mobile platforms, Adcash for Advertisers is a beneficial and trustworthy network for Advertisers. Unlike other networking hoaxes that fool the users with false generated reports, Adcash keeps it all transparent with its real-time monitoring dashboard.
You can start promoting your brands, products, or services with smart ads that are displayed on thousands of publishing platforms, mobile devices, and videos for the best user conversion.

You can create your account and get started within a few clicks here and there.

How to Increase Your Audience Reach With Adcash Network?

No setup fee required, just sign up on the website as an Advertiser and fill a simple form below. Verify your mail, and Adcash would redirect you to a full-fledged dashboard.

How to Increase Your Audience Reach With Adcash Network?

The Dashboard greets you with a simple and descriptive Homepage. You can have a quick-view of all the statistics such as some Active Campaigns, Impressions, Remaining Balance, and Expenditure.

How to Increase Your Audience Reach With Adcash Network?

Moving on to the most important part, Creating Campaigns for your advertisements. You can create multiple numbers of Campaigns based on your budgets, targeted devices, platforms, audience and other important features which are described below.

Features for Campaign Advertisements

Targeting the right audience for your brands is the most important point for a successful marketing strategy. Adcash allows you different levels and personalized targeting options for ease.

  • Location Based: - Customized Geo-targeting allows advertisers to reach people across a particular country, cities, towns and even chosen parts of towns.
  • Language Based: - For online campaigns, you can select the language of the platform on which your ads would be displayed.
  • Keyword Based: - Create keywords based campaigns and the network would only show ads on the relevant website with specific keywords targeted.
  • Device & OS: - The detailed campaign system allows you to target selected devices, the desktop and mobile operating systems.
  • Browser Targeting: - Target your audience across different browsers. Be it Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or IE, Adcash covers it all.
  • Retargeting & Interests: - Also target people on the basis of their interests. Retarget the visitors and get high user conversions.

The Adcash Advertising Network is a flexible and suitable choice for every type of the Advertiser. You can start your ad campaigns for a budget as low as $100 and target up to thousands of unique visitors and impressions. From small upcoming brands to large media companies, everyone can use this vast network accordingly.
Talking about the budgets, Adcash allows its users to add money using standard payment methods. Use VISA/International Cards, PayPal, Skrill, or Wire transfers. Moreover, the supported currencies on this network are EUR and USD.

Fully Managed Pricing Models

Different advertisers have their campaigns for various goals and purposes. That's why Adcash Network provides a vast range of different models that can be customized to match your campaign requirements. So, the results would be worth your time and investments. Supported Pricing Models are mentioned below:

How to Increase Your Audience Reach With Adcash Network?

With all the standard advertisement placements on desktop, mobile, and smart devices, you can really increase your customer reach with Adcash Advertising platform. It is a definite recommendation for all the advertisers who want to target their users on smartphones and in-app platforms.
Do share your thoughts and comments on the following advertising network. Moreover, if you're a blogger the Adcash is a definite platform to start your revenue journey.

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