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How To Have Flat Stomach And ‘Perfect’ Body & Still Get Ridiculed

By Bellyfatformula @fatbellyblog

Are you content with the shape of your body? Or every time you look in the mirror do you transform yourself into some sort of contortionist – lifting your butt, squeezing your boobs, pushing belly fat around – wondering how to have flat stomach and all in the hope of that ‘perfect’ body.

But what is the perfect body?  
Sure, you probably have a view on what the ideal body looks like.  It might even be different to what your own desired body shape is.  Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this topic.  Now, I appreciate the everyone has the right to their own opinion.  The problem nowadays is that members of the public seem hell bent on sharing their opinions publicly, no matter how nasty, extreme or unrealistic they may be.

It makes it extremely difficult to be happy with your body in this day and age with the constant body shaming, cyber bulling and the media perception of what the perfect body should look like.  Even those that work hard to get themselves fit and healthy are seemingly not immune…

Enter fitness trainer Cassey Ho…
Cassey Ho, whose Blogilates fitness channel has attracted millions of followers over the past few years, appears in the following video where she tackles the issue of body shaming.  It shows Cassey coming back from a run and taking a selfie in the mirror.  NCOs just for the record Cassey has a great body and isn’t in need of advice on how to have flat stomach or how to improve any other parts of her body.  However, the comments start off positive but quickly turn sour…

A quick selection of the comments include…

You are such an inspiration.  That sounds like a go start.  But then it was quickly followed by…  You shouldn’t give advice when you are so fat.  OK lets be realistic here, there is hardly an ounce of fat on her.  Trainer really – tone up the belly and love handles. Really?  The next couple of comments are just as nasty.  Why do all trainers have a 6 pack but you? No offense but you have no butt.  And finally take you career seriously and lose some weight.

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