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How to Have a Successful and Stress Free and Long Distance Relationship

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How to have a successful and stress free and long distance relationship

In these modern times where maintaining even normal relationships takes a heavy toll, maintaining long distance relationships becomes a lot more challenging. Feelings of jealousy, unbearable missing, boring conversations, constant fights, growing expectations, etc have a lot of impact on the relationships when partners are separated by long distance. In order to maintain such relationships, people need to overcome their hidden troubles that keep pestering them and in turn their partners so as to enjoy a stress free relationship.

Overcoming Jealousy

One of the emotions that play havoc with long distance relationships is jealousy. This is one emotion that keeps on knowing at our insides and makes us difficult to handle. Sometimes, this emotion is so dominating, our emotional state gets severely affected. This feeling usually occurs when one is afraid of losing his or her loved one. This is our innate protection system that helps us to protect ourselves when our loved one is not close to us. If this emotion is not handled properly, it may lead to demise of a good relationship. This is possible when 2 extremes, neediness and ignorance are avoided. One must immediately share his or her feelings with a loved one and also discuss why this feeling is gripping him or her. This will avoid this feeling boiling inside our minds. Your partner will also understand you better and will try his or her level best to allay your fears. This will contain the problem and avoid blowing out of proportion. Expression of jealousy is a correct way to handle this emotion.

Avoiding constant fights

Every relationship has its share of arguments and fights. This is quite normal but becomes problematic when it becomes routine. Excessive fighting and bickering may lead to stress and tension which may be detrimental for a long distance relationship. In case, there is any issue, it should be talked about and sorted out before it escalates further. Listening to each others’ view point is important. Any issue cannot be so big that it cannot be solved. Also, a problem should always be approached with a view and willingness to resolve it rather than to score points. One needs to understand the perspective of other person. This proactive approach will help in resolving any disagreements or difference in opinions amicably. One must not treat it as a war rather a debate where both partners can have different views.

Overcoming feeling of unbearable missing

The biggest challenge faced by long distance couples is unbearable feeling of missing one another. This loneliness can also prove to be a great dampener on this relationship. This problem can be solved by engaging in activities that help in passing time in a constructive manner. Hobbies can be developed or a group with like minded people can be joined. This period of separation can be used in a constructive way instead of wallowing in self pity. There is no harm n making new friends and enjoying good time with them. One cannot stop living a life.

Following above ways, one can ensure long distance relationship going strong.

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