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How To Get Toned

By Dave Nevue


How To Get Toned

Many people who engage in a weight loss program find that they end up with loose skin or “soft look”. They lack the muscle definition they strive for. To gain muscle definition you need a resistance, cardio and nutrition program. Losing fat and gaining muscle will give you the look you want.

Getting Started

You need a plan. You will first need to decide what your goals are. A specific goal is measurable. Measuring your results will give information you need to adjust your programs. After you have set your goals you will then need to decide when you can dedicate time to exercise. A set time works best for most people. Have it set up like it is your job. Keep yourself accountable.

Once you know when you can exercise you will need a program. With a resistance and cardio exercise program you will see the best results. Staying in an exercise program will have you support your achievements. Resistance targets the muscles while cardio targets the heart and lungs.

Before you start any physical activity you need to get clearance from your physician. There might be some hidden issues that you are not even aware of. After you have clearance it is time to get started. When you first start, your main goal is learning the moves of the exercise. Learn what muscles the exercise targets. Once you feel comfortable with the moves then you can start adding resistance to the exercise. Exercising in front of mirrors is helpful to watch your form.

A nutrition program needs to target your caloric budget with the correct amount of macronutrients for your body type and activity level. A log will be helpful to decide what needs adjusting.


* Get clearance from your physician
* Set a time that you can dedicate to exercise
* Set up a resistance and cardio program
* Learn the exercises
* Set up a nutrition program
* Log your results to be able to adjust accordingly
* most if all be consistent

If you are new to fitness it would be a good idea to hire a professional.

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