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How to Get Motivated to Exercise

By Pamela Brown

how to learn to like exercise
“Some people will require more than the promises of health, vitality, or physical change to sustain engagement in activities that they often see as repetitive, time-consuming, difficult, or unattractive.”  From The Intrinsic Exerciser

Here is part 2 of the “How to Change your lifestyle to Lose Weight” series.  If you missed part 1, read it here.

Everyone knows that exercise is good to do, but it’s too boring to care about toning, training for a 5K, or increasing energy levels.  However, many are not successful at maintaining exercise for long periods of time.

If you want to successfully make lifestyle behavior changes, including adopting exercise, then one thing you want to learn to do is to like exercise and see it as valuable, important, and rewarding to your life.

Exercise becomes valuable to you when you develop the inner motivation that drives passion for exercise.  So how do you motivate yourself to exercise, and enjoy exercise?

How to Get Motivated to Exercise

If you want lasting fitness motivation, answer are the following:

“What do you need from your exercise to fulfill your needs (emotional, spiritual, mental, or physical)?”
“What types of exercise would best compliment your lifestyle?”
Part 1 covered how to define your personal needs; here is where you put your discovery work to action! What is a life purpose or meaningful goal that can’t be accomplished without you becoming healthy and whole?

Keep in mind that there are more ways to exercise, besides attending a gym.  Do you like ballroom dancing?  Playing tennis?  Are there new recreational activities you want to try?

Becoming a consistent, successful exerciser becomes easier when you have a positive mindset about exercise, and have a higher purpose for exercising besides the “tone up and lose weight” or “lower blood pressure” reasons.

Motivate Yourself to Exercise for Life

If you want to learn more about how to motivate yourself to exercise and remain an exerciser for life, a book I recommend that you invest into is called The Intrinsic Exerciser.

It’s a great book that taught me how to view exercise differently. And I suggest that you check it out as well, and tell me what you think


Here is the link again===> The Intrinsic Exerciser

If I can help you in any way, feel free to email me: [email protected].

Take care,

Pamela Brown, Master Trainer and Motivator

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