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How to Find the Perfect Exercise DVD

By Johnisfit @johnisfit

– Determine Your Intensity Level

There are so many exercise DVDs on the market, but one of the main ways to categorize them is by intensity. Low impact workouts are great for people with physical issues or who are not strong enough to handle high end workouts yet. If you are looking for quick weight loss results or ways to build a lot of muscle, you may need a relatively intense workout DVD to watch. Many exercise DVDs will offer different options if you cannot handle the level of exercise that is going on at the time. Do not be afraid to buy something a little challenging because you can always tone it down until you can handle the impact.

– Think about Your Body Goals

What do you want to achieve from your exercising? Do you want to get a slimmer figure all around? Do you want to build muscles on your body? Do you have one specific area you want to target? Your workout goals should ultimately determine what you want to look for in a DVD because different systems are meant for different things. Bodybuilders might need weight lifting tips, while overweight people may need simple weight loss routines. You have to pick the path that is most suited for your body type and needs.

– Consider Your Equipment

Since most exercise DVDs are meant to be used at home, they should not require you to have high end gym equipment. There are some that do though, so you need to figure out if you can use those or not. There are also DVDs that are made to be used along with exercise balls, small hand weights, medicine balls, stepping mats, and other simple equipment that you could store away. If you do not have the right tools for the tasks, you either need to purchase those before you work out or decide on another DVD to use.

– Think Long Term

When you start looking at exercise DVDs, you will notice that some are single workout and others are full programs you can go through. If you want something to work through on a long term basis, you need more than a single DVD to rely on. Instead, you should look for something that has multiple DVDs in a series that you can go through for the perfect body. Some of these will focus on different body parts for each movie and others will get progressively harder as you go through the program. You have to figure out what will be best for you.

– Consider Your Age

If you have problems associated with your age, you need to make sure your workouts can address those. There are actually exercise plans out there for different age groups, so you may want to find something that is age appropriate. Younger people can usually handle intense workouts because their bodies heal rapidly, but that changes as people get older. This is an especially important consideration for senior citizens because they have to worry about arthritis, weak bones, and an overall loss of strength. The older you get, the less exercise you can do in the end.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right exercise video to use takes more than picking something up off the shelf. Never invest money in a DVD set just because of the way the person looks on the cover. You need to assess the program in its entirety to determine if it is going to work for you. Then make an effort to buy any home exercise equipment you need to get the most out of your DVD plan. A little bit of research will provide you with the perfect DVD plan for your body and goals.

Brian Williams researches and reviews most types of home exercise equipment for his website He also has been a firefighter / paramedic for the last 10 years.

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