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How To Find The Best Therapy Clinics in Anchorage, Alaska

Posted on the 02 August 2012 by Betterhealthalaska @BetterHealth_AK

You will find several health services in Anchorage, Alaska that provide skilled Anchorage physical therapy services in a comfortable and welcoming environment. They aim to achieve the most rapid, cost effective and complete recovery possible. The physical therapists at Better Health Pain & Wellness Center provide patient and public education regarding healthcare terminology and treatments in person and in an online format so that people better understand the purposes of the tests, procedures and terminology that may be presented or offered to them by therapists or healthcare providers.

If you look around a bit, you will find various accessible Outpatient Therapy clinics providing the highest quality of Anchorage Physical Therapy and or Occupational Therapy-based care to patients. Look for a clinic that has frequent communication with the referring physicians to coordinate treatment as an informed team. It is important to find a facility where a patient’s understanding of the specific problem and the treatment for it is given priority. This will be accomplished by thorough communication between the therapist and patient. Better Health Physical Therapists work with the physicians in the same location. Certain health service providers further support their patients by providing online information to be used by patients and the public alike for clarification or as reference materials. You should look for therapy clinics that are well equipped with experienced professionals who are skilled in differential diagnosis, which is a process of detailed evaluation aimed at identifying the source of your symptoms. The treatment should be directed at the underlying cause of your pain while actively addressing your symptoms; this allows for more complete healing and prevention of pain reoccurrence.

If you have some special needs, therapy clinics provide the following specialized services:

Orthopedic & Sports Injuries: Thereasonfor painful symptoms, functional loss or sub-optimal performance is determined through detailed examination of the affected part and overall body mechanics. Generally the treatment program will be customized to assist you in a quick return to function/sport. Treatment will also include re-injury prevention education and achievement of your personal goals.

Pre-& Post-Operative Rehabilitation: Alaska physical therapists will closely work with your surgeon to ensure protected healing, a timely return to function and to maximize your functional potential

following surgery. Exercises that are taught to you ahead of your surgery can make for a quicker, easier recovery andare often doctor recommended. Provision of operative supplies, including custom brace measurement, is also performed at most of the clinics.
Acute/Chronic Back & Neck Pain:You will find treatment for herniated/bulging discs, degenerative disc and joint disease, spinal stenosis, spinal instability, sciatica, referred pain and cervicogenic headaches. The treatment technique includes joint specific mobilization, postural re-education, manual traction, soft tissue mobilization and stabilization exercises with an emphasis on self-help.

Massage Therapy:Muscle and soft tissue pain is often a primary or secondary source of pain and can effectively be treated with massage in conjunction with PT modalities. A short course of soft tissue mobilization addresses muscle spasms and hardening, allowing you to progress with postural re-education and functional strengthening.

In addition to the therapy clinics, you will find chiropractors in Anchorage who can assure you of a very speedy recovery from any type spinal or pain problem.

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