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How to Eat Out, Healthfully

By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Hi, howdy, hey... how are ya? It's certainly been awhile. I returned to New York yesterday morning exhausted but so completely full on the loveliness of recent Oklahoma memories. I must admit I'm pretty busy playing catch-up now though. Point is, I will tell you all about our local OKC evening, St. Patrick's Day festivities in Dallas, lunch on a Texan ranch, late night concert and weekday brunch in Tulsa, and "just the two of us" dinner and a movie date... but I can't do so quite yet. Instead, I thought I'd write another how to post. Traveling often translates to non-stop dining out. And as much as that is certainly a dream come true, it can be a concern when it comes to feeling our best. This is how I eat out healthfully, whether I'm half-way across the country, world, or just around the block: how to eat out, healthfully Order two drinks. I don't mean to say you should limit yourself to two alcoholic beverages throughout the meal (although such advice wouldn't be unwise), just that you should have a glass of water in addition to whatever it is you feel like drinking. Preferably not soda though, please. Unlike in a bar environment where guzzling water may make you feel uncomfortable or just not fun, there's no reason not to stay hydrated at the table. It'll keep your hunger cues in check so that you're less likely to unintentionally overindulge. Not to mention that water is key in regulating your body's temperature and maintaining other bodily functions. Plus, I hear it'll keep you from getting a headache after one too many glasses of wine...
how to eat out, healthfully Start with a salad. For years, diet "experts" have been praising first-course salads with reducing overall calorie intake at a meal, and in 2008, Penn State researchers proved it. Honestly though, that's not why I'm suggesting you start with a salad. Start with a salad because restaurant salads are just better. Usually they'll contain unique ingredient combinations, or at least, fresh vegetables we don't often think to add to salads at home. This fact alone makes the whole salad-eating thing more exciting. Furthermore, starter salads are the perfect way to consume a good amount of nutrient-rich plant foods which will not only benefit your overall health but also ease your mind. By having a salad first, you can confidently enjoy whichever entrée it is you are truly craving without regret. Really, truly. Guilt is not welcome at most restaurants anyway; she sucks.  how to eat out, healthfully Have dessert if you want to. Most of the time, I am completely satisfied after a restaurant meal of two courses. With that said, I like chocolate, a lot. Sometimes I'll opt to split something sweet with the table. Or, if I know the restaurant's dessert menu is incredibly appealing from the beginning, I'll split my main dish to ensure I have room for  le Mousse au Chocolat, theChocolate Cake "Brioche"etc. For instance, at the end of the photographed meal above (one of the prix-fixe variety, no less), I enjoyed a cup of gelato. A little extra sugar won't actually do any harm; Reuters says so. And since dining out is often a rare occasion that is both pleasant and social, you should savor it in each and every way you can.

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