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How to Easily Script on Roblox in 2019

Posted on the 05 October 2019 by Rahulthepcl

Playing a game is easy, but creating one is not. Roblox is a platform that allows you to create as well as play games. You can create games on Roblox through Scripting. Scripting is programming with which you can create any game you want and earn money through it. It means giving instructions to an application on how to do a specific task. E.g., building up a tool.

How to Easily Script on Roblox in 2019

Most of the famous games on Roblox are built using scripting. I will not say that Well, you will not. You need to learn many basics to know how to build your own game. However, once you get the hang of it, it does not seem hard. Today, I will tell you the extreme basics of how to Script on Roblox. Before beginning, if you like to play games on Roblox and are looking for working promo codes to get gifts in those games, here is something that might help: scripting is something you can learn in one day because it is extremely hard for beginners. Many sites will claim to teach you script in just one day.
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Use of Programming Language

To understand how to script on Roblox, you need to know about the programming language the platform uses. Roblox uses the programming language Lua. You can call it a number one scripting language for building games.
Lua provides you with endless possibilities and allows you to make several changes to the game to make it interesting for the players. Roblox uses Lua Version 5.1 on its platform. Another main reason why they use Lua is that it is easy to understand and grasp in comparison to other scripting languages.

Creating a script

The very first thing that you should know is how to create a script. The first step is to launch the "Roblox Studio" on your PC and sign in. Now go to the workspace, and an option named 'Insert Object' will pop up. Now merely select Script and a script will open up within workspace. If you double click on it you see the below text:
Print 'Hello World'
The print is a command that is instructing the software to print 'Hello World.' It is an essential command, and you should know how to use it.

Learning about Variables

As the name suggests, the variable is something, which has a changeable value. Variables are used almost at every step of building up a game. They hold information about the gaming objects within the game. Each game you have played from your childhood includes variables. Thus, it is very essential to know how to use them. E.g.:

Hello = 50
Bye = 20
Now, if you command: print (Hello+ Bye), you will get the result as 70. This means that Hello has a variable value of 50 while Bye has a variable value of 20.

Know about properties

To know how to Script on Roblox, you should know the properties tab. On the bottom right corner, you will see a square space under properties. Using properties, you can change the color of the blocks, their shapes, their positions, and many different things. As your knowledge about programming increases, you will come to know the use of properties in a better way.

Using Tools on Roblox

Using a tool on Roblox can be extremely difficult at first but relaxed after you know how to use it. A tool is a container that can be coded with a script. You can create anything with the use of a tool. E.g., a weapon. We use four main events while working with tools. These are:

Creating an event is very easy. You have to write this code to create a game:
Script. Parent. Event name. Connect (Function)
Replace the event name with the name of your event. There are endless possibilities in how you can use a tool. For learning how to script on Roblox, you should make yourself familiar with the use of tools.

Sources to learn Scripting on Roblox

As the above-mentioned article shows, there is no easy way to learn to script on Roblox in just one day. You have to donate time as well as your mind towards learning scripting. You can learn how to script on Roblox in the following ways:

1. Roblox Tutorial Videos

There are several tutorial videos made by Roblox to help everyone learn the scripting process? There is also a blog by the name Roblox Fandom which will help you guide through the scripting process.

The best way to learn to script on Roblox is through youtube tutorials. There are several channels on youtube, which will give you the complete guide to learning to script on Roblox, starting from the creation of a script to creating games using those scripts.


Well, these were some ways to help you learn how to script on Roblox. Scripting on Roblox is challenging but also rewarding. Once you learn the scripting process, you can easily create your games and earn money through them.
If you develop games by using default templates, there are very fewer chances of your making money through them. Thus, scripting is necessary if you want to earn money through Roblox.

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