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How to Dry a Wet Carpet?

By Amelia White

When our homes get flooded due to leaky faucets or other reasons, unwanted water enters inside the house causing great difficulty to live in. All the household articles and furniture gets wet. Even the carpets become drenched. And here it is important for you to know that  having a wet carpet in Perth is an alarming situation as stagnant water on carpet leads to permanent damage.


wet carpet in Perth

Carpets usually absorb and retain water for a longer period of time, which is very destructive and causes a lot of inconveniences. But to get hold of such situations, you have to take some early measures to prevent them. Initially you have to find out the causes of flooding, if you can prevent them take early measures. Wet carpet condition is an important condition to take care of otherwise it will encourage the growth of bacteria and molds.

If your carpet is slightly wet, then let it dry in normal home temperature. But if it is totally wet, then use a vacuum-cleaner to make it dry. It would be much better if you can dry the wet carper under the sun. Beside these steps you can also use other drying machines like electrical fans. Dehumidifiers are very useful in removing the moisture and helps water to evaporate. Make sure that all the parts of the carpet are equally dry. If not dried properly, it will become a breeding ground of harmful bacteria. Inspect all the parts so that the dirt is removed. Apply disinfectant to remove the germs or apply other sanitizing solutions. By following these procedures you can take care of your flooded carpet in Perth.

However, if you ever confront such a situation, it would be better to call a professional carpet cleaner to take care of the situation. The professional cleaners use improved tools to remove the extra moisture from the carpet.

How to Dry a Wet Carpet?

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