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7 Easy Tips to Patch a Carpet

By Amelia White

Damaged CarpetAt times, it may happen that your carpet requires to be patched, because a piece of ember accidentally landed from the fireplace on your wall to wall carpeting, or your pet cat or dog has nastily chewed on a portion of the carpet. Spills, iron burns or some other kind of damage on the carpet may also necessitate patching.
Although, some may consider the task of carpet patching as exhausting and comprehensive, it only requires a few supplies and some simple steps to successfully patch a carpet. Here are some easy-to-follow tips from the professionals at Perth Carpet Master to patch a damaged carpet using a repair kit with adhesive disks:

  • Before anything else,take accurate measurements of the patch size with the help of a measuring tape. This will make it easier for you to extract a replacement patch from the intact surrounding carpet.
  • Outline the part of the carpet from where the replacement patch is to be cut with duct tape. Check the tape positions to see if the area enclosed by them matches with that of the patch. Make sure to extract the replacement patch from a region which remains hidden from sight all the time.
  • Cut out the replacement patch using a knife or carpet-cutting tool along the interior edge of the outlining tapes. The pressure applied while incision should be just enough to cut into the surface and backing of the carpet, without damaging the underlying padding.
  • After the replacement patch has been cut out, place it on the damaged part of the carpet and trace the lines of that part on the patch using a pencil or pen, and then cut along the markings.
  • Now, in order to lay out the adhesive disk appropriately, first neutralize it with a little bit of water and then place it underneath the damaged region with the adhesive side of the disk facing up. The adhesive disk should be large enough that its edges hold onto the perimeter of the damaged part, beneath the carpet’s surface.
  • Apply some carpet glue along the disk’s edges and then place the replacement patch in the hole. Ensure that it fits snugly and evenly, touching the borders of the cavity.
  • In order to hide the patch seams, brush your fingers around the borders of the patch or use a carpet brush.

For professional carpet patching services, contact the experienced technicians at Perth Carpet Master.

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7 Easy Tips to Patch a Carpet

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