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How to Save Carpet in a Sanitary Flooding Condition?

By Amelia White

flooded carpet restorationHome owners face a very difficult situation when water intrusion affects their carpet their other floor coverings. There is practically no standard procedure that they can follow when such a situation takes place because every kind of flooding situation comes up with its own characteristic problem. The only thing that they need to keep in mind is the kind of flooding that has occurred-whether it is black water, unsanitary or sanitary. Depending on the kind of flooding, the situation is dealt with.

If it is sanitary flooding, the carpet should be treated with a disinfectant following an extraction of the excess water. In fact, most of the home owners insist the carpet to be replaced in all kinds of flooding situations. However, when it is sanitary flooding, replacement is not necessary. To save the carpet in sanitary flooding conditions, Perth Carpet Master, a flooded carpet restoration specialist, recommends some simple guidelines, which if followed will bring the carpet back to its pre-flood condition.

  • The water source should be immediately shut-off and controlled. It is impractical to start drying the carpet without identifying and eliminating the source.
  • Traffic must be kept to a minimum until the floor covering is dry completely. The latex, which holds the backs together gets weakened when wet. It will regain its strength only after drying.
  • Furniture, which can damage or stain the carpet should be removed quickly.
  • Excess water must be extracted immediately and the carpet must be completely dry within 12 hours following the intervention. Water extraction vacuum can be used for removing water.
  • Carpet must be removed from tack strip & carpet padding must be discarded as these will help drying. The carpet must even be elevated and fans must be used for speeding up the drying time.

If these above mentioned tips are not followed you may find different kinds of fungi and bacteria getting formed on the carpet and this may have a negative impact on human health. For reducing the probability of this occurrence, use of disinfectant to the fiber’s face is all that’s recommended.

Perth Carpet Master has years of experience in flooded carpet and water damage restorations. They exactly know what to do and how to do to save a carpet as well as a property from water damage. So, if you experience this kind of situation, getting in touch with professionals like them is always recommended.

How to Save Carpet in a Sanitary Flooding Condition?

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