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Some Essential Things You Need to Keep In Mind For Restoring a Water Damaged Carpet

By Amelia White

flooded carpet restoration

Water damaged carpet is one of the most common problems faced by carpet owners. They are generally caused from accidental water leaks or flooding. Performing water damage restorations is not always an easy task, and there are certain essential things which the carpet owners need to be aware of, about how it can be cleaned as well as how it can be restored or if it requires a replacement, and so on.
If you have a carpet installed in your home and if it ever happens to be water damaged, then here are the essential things that you need to keep in mind for proper restoration:
Examine The Damage
If the carpet has got soaked in clean water such as tap or rain water, raise your hopes that it can be restored, but all depends on the fabric and the length of time the rug was soaked. However, a carpet that has got damaged with dirty water like sanitary water can often get ruined beyond any recovery and a replacement might be the only prudent solution.
Locate the Source of Water
It is important to determine whether the source of water is continuous or not. If the carpet has got soaked due to an accidental overflow of bathtub or sanitary conditions, then you will not have to worry about a recurring damage. However, if the flow of water is unceasing, you will require to stop it before taking steps for initiating any kind of repair work. For sources such as a broken pipe, you may have to bring in a plumber.
Disinfect Before Initiating Any Restoration Work
Before you think about restoring your wet carpet, disinfect it if it has been soaked in dirty water. Prepare a disinfecting solution by mixing 2 tablespoons of liquid bleach in about one gallon of water. Scrub the surface of the carpet using the concoction. Prior to initiating the task, remove any kind of furniture from the floor area.
Drying Can be an Effective Part of the Restoration Process
Drying the soiled carpet by placing large fans near its surface and waiting for a period of around 36 hours is a wise thing to do. If there is a dehumidifier at your home, use it as well along with the fans. Try to keep foot traffic away from the wet rug during the drying process. If you notice significant changes in the wet condition of the carpet after 12 hours, such as mold growth, it is better to get a replacement.

Some Essential Things You Need to Keep In Mind For Restoring a Water Damaged Carpet

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