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How to Deal With Sudden Weight Gain At Any Age

By Pamela Brown

Saying Goodbye To Sudden Weight Gain


Sudden weight gain can be a real confidence killer for any woman, and this problem becomes more apparent as you get older, your hormones begin to change, and your metabolism slows down. While sudden weight gain can make a you feel helpless or unmotivated, it is important that you understand that finding this motivation is key to working off the weight and returning to your healthy, happy, and confident self!


This sudden weight gain can be due to a variety of completely natural causes, from a slowed metabolism to a change in the body’s hormonal levels, but this newly tacked on weight can be lost. First, you must check with your doctor to ensure that this weight gain isn’t being caused by hormone imbalance (if you’re over 40) , and to aid yourself in crafting your ideal workout and diet regimen.


If you are under 40, it  may not be your hormones as much as it is your lifestyle, and your mindset towards getting older.  For instance, you may want to build your career, but you also want to get married and have a baby before you’re 35; you are frustrated and worried because you feel you’re going to wait until it’s too late to have children; and you experience stress and concern.


This is enough to trigger sudden, unwanted weight gain in women under 40, specifically between the ages of 35 and 40.



Stress Management, Exercise, and Diet  To Eliminate Sudden Weight Gain

When trying to reverse the effects of sudden weight gain, there are various routes a woman can take to regain control of her body and her image.


First, exercise helps to manage stress so that your progesterone will not decrease, thus preventing weight gain and bloating.  When you are constantly stressed, your body takes all the progesterone it can and uses it to make more cortisol, the stress-fighting hormone that causes weight gain when it’s use becomes chronic.  Manage stress, and you keep healthy progesterone levels.


In terms of diet, a diet rich in vegetables and fruits will not only work well for the physical body, it’ll work wonders for the emotional body as well! These foods are rich with all of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that a woman’s body needs to ensure it’s in its best condition.

The nutrients found in fruits and vegetables will help to balance out hormones, speed up the metabolism, relieve stress, and leave a person in an overall better physical and emotional state than ever before!


Sudden weight gain doesn’t have to a forced lifestyle change that you learn to accept.  Sudden weight gain can be mastered!  You can do all the things you can do to regain control of your body and confidence.  As always:


If I can help you in any way, feel free to contact me and I will reply as soon as I can!

Until next time,

Pamela Brown

Personal Fitness and Body Confidence Coach

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