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How to Deal with Bedroom Boredom

By Bren @Virtual_Bren

How to deal with Bedroom Boredom{Sponsored Content}

The first few years of a relationship are typically very passionate, but as time goes on and our relationship settles down into a humdrum routine, it is not unusual for our sex lives to off the boil a bit. To a degree, this is no bad thing. After all, if we were to continue to spend every waking hour dreaming of ripping our other half’s clothes off, not a lot would get done. On the other hand, if the passion disappears completely, it can have a detrimental effect on the rest of the relationship. So what’s the answer?

Common Causes of Low Libido

A lack of desire in the bedroom is not always down to boredom:

  • Women go through major upheaval during the menopause, which can seriously affect their libidos. Rioting hormones, raging night sweats, and a lack of vaginal lubrication all make sex an unpalatable activity. Women can also lose interest in sex after having a baby, mostly as a result of having very little sleep.
  • Whilst society expects men to be ‘up for it’ just about every waking moment, a lot of men do suffer a fall in libido around middle age. Sometimes, however, there is a medical reason and if a man loses interest in sex or finds it hard to perform he should definitely go for a health check-up.

Spice Up Your Sex Life

Once you have established that there is no physical cause for your lack of libido, the next step is for to look at ways of spicing things up a little. To begin with, sit down with your other half and broach the subject in a sensitive way. Suggest that you’re very happy, but you think it would be fun to try something different. Hopefully, they will react positively, but be aware that they might see your suggestion as a criticism of their bedroom skills. If this is the case, you will need to reassure them.

Sex Toys

Sex toys are popular with couples of all ages. A small, discreet vibrator can easily be introduced into the bedroom in a non-threatening way. Alternatively, look at Sexelle gift sets for a few mix and match ideas.

Fantasy Role Play

Role play is a fun way to make sex more enjoyable. Instead of being Mr & Mrs Smith, you can pretend to be a dashing highwayman and a lusty wench. Everyone has their own personal fantasy, but the important thing here is that you find some common ground. You don’t have to dress up, although it can be fun, but talk about your fantasies and have a go at acting them out in a safe environment. It’s a good way to unleash your inner goddess!

Erotic Films and Books

Try reading erotic books together or even watching some couples’ friendly porn. It can be fun once in a while, so give it a go.

If none of these ideas helps rejuvenate your sex life, consider couples’ therapy, where you can talk things through under the guidance of a trained counselor.

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How to Deal with Bedroom Boredom
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