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How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)

By Invisiblestilettos
How are you my dear readers?   You all know that I hate wasting money on things that I can do myself.  Here's another trick that I have been practicing for so many years that I practically have never been in a salon for I don't know the last time when.  The last time was when used to have my naturally curly hair chemically straightened, but not anymore.  I learned to love my curls.  Yes, they may not be perfect but I just love them now.  They're easier to manage than my super stiffness, lifeless, and boring straight hair.  For my "trims," I do this trick about once a month just to get rid of the dry ends and I found that this method of cutting hair is perfect for my curly hair.  Layers give more dimension, volume, and style to my curls.  Here's how I do it.How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)
You will need the following:
1.  Hair elastics
2.  A pair of sharp hair cutting scissors
3.  A combHow To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)The first step is to prepare your hair.  Here, I just washed and conditioned my hair and let it air dry.  Just shampoo and condition as usual then wait until it is 80% to 90% dry.How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)Next, get a comb then bring all your hair forward.  Flipping them all to the front reminds me of Sadako from The Ring. He he he.How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)Next, gather all of your hair then use a larger hair to tie all of your hair to the front.  Think of it as doing a front pony tail ;)  Trust me, this will work.  This method of cutting was taught to me by the wife of my cousin who is a hair dresser.  She too has gorgeous curls and she trims and maintains her curls this way.How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)After you are done tying your "front" pony tail, get two hair elastics.  First, determine how much hair you want to cut then place two elastics near the end of your hair like you see in this photo.  For my trim this month, I am removing only half an inch so I placed the first hair tie about two inches from the end then the bottom hair ties about 1/4 inch from the end.How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)Now, all you have to do is cut.  Make sure you have a nice pair of sharp scissors especially made for cutting hair.  Do not use paper/craft scissors or kitchen scissors for this.  We just need on clean cut so make sure your scissors are sharp.  In between the two hair ties, cut your hair, and there, you are done.  If your hair is too thick like mine, just spread the hair, somewhat fanning it, to make sure to cut every single piece of hair.How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)So there, all you have to do now is to completely dry and style your hair.  This is what my hair looks like afterwards, a bit shorter on the sides and longer at the middle with a slight V taper.How To Cut Hair in Layers (Maintenance for My Curly Hair)Hope you enjoy our quick tutorial for today.  Oh, before I forget, this method also works for straight hair so I think everyone can try this.

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