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How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry

By Invisiblestilettos
Having problems with tarnish on your precious jewelry, both real or costume?  I have found a safe, easy, and eco-friendly way to clean those ugly black marks on your jewelry.  I can say it is very effective not only in cleaning but also adding back that lost luster and shine.  Using products you already have in your home, there is no excuse now not to clean your jewelry.How To Clean Tarnished JewelryFor this tip, we will need the following:
1.  Tarnished and dull jewelry
2.  An old toothbrush and toothpaste
3.  Clear nail polish
You will also need a paper towel or a soft clothHow To Clean Tarnished JewelryFirst get your costume jewelry.  I have got here an old bracelet that I never really wore because I did not take care of it and now has some tarnish and discoloration.  Get your an old toothbrush and put a bit of toothpaste on it.  Do not place too much.  I read somewhere not to use gel toothpaste but I am using it rather than the one with baking soda which is too abrasive for your jewelry and might leave tiny but unsightly streaks and scratches.How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry
Now, apply the toothpaste to the jewelry.  You can see now that the jewelry will turn blacker than it initially was.  Do not panic!   This is normal reaction.How To Clean Tarnished JewelryNext, add a bit of water and then brush away!  Adding water makes it easier for us to brush those grooves and stubborn tarnish.  Brush gently but thoroughly.  After brushing a good amount of time and you think you have brushed every nook and cranny, rinse the jewelry with water until no toothpaste residue remains.How To Clean Tarnished JewelryGet a clean paper towel or a soft cloth then allow the jewelry to drain excess water then pat dry.  What I like to do is to gently wipe the jewelry with a soft cloth to buff it.  We now have a super clean bracelet! Yay!How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry Note: This step is optional and never ever do this with real gold or silver.  Apply a very thin coat of clear nail polish to your costume  jewelry to protect it from future fading and tarnishing.  Let it dry completely before wearing.  The nail polish also adds a bit of sparkle and shine to your costume jewelry.How To Clean Tarnished JewelryYou can now wear you clean and tarnish-free jewelry :)  I do hope you love this fashion tip today.How To Clean Tarnished JewelryHow do you clean your jewelry?  I would love to know :)
Have a great weekend!

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