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How to Be Persistent Without Being Annoying

By Heybeautiful

How to Be Persistent without Being Annoying

The Internet is a spaceship for new and old marketers and to be honest the spaceship is getting bigger, tougher and over-crowded every single day. Without being persistent in your efforts, it will only get tougher.

If you find yourself trying to sell a product or services on the Internet, don't fall for the trap of being in your face technique, trying to sell at all cost your product or service without regard for your clients. In this article, I'm going to give you some helpful tips on how to be persistent without being annoying.

As a salesperson or a regular Joe with an internet following trying to sell your product, for example, it could be an eBook, WordPress plugin, SEO, an App, writing services and so on, you get the idea.

You have to be somewhat considered and be as careful as possible with being too persistent and being extra obnoxious for those dollars, that's a no.

Your potential customer can walk away in a fast second and go to your competition. In all reality, this is coming from personal experience, it's very annoying as well when you visit a website and you are being constantly harassed by a newsletter pop up, please stop that. I can almost guarantee I'm not the only who have felt this way before.

Here is a list of some helpful tips that can help you be persistent without overwhelming your potential customers:

Tip 1: Be Pleasant

As simple as it sound, being pleasant can go a long way for your business brand. It's so simple and obvious that it can sometimes go over our head. You have to remember, you are selling product/services, some customers can get annoying themselves with silly questions back and forward, but that is beside the point, here is where you have to resist giving back a harsh dismissive answer and try to be firm, but polite. As I stated before, customers are spending money and they want to be sure they are investing their money in the right product for them.

Tip 2: Don't be desperate

It's so easy to get desperate to sell a product/services that we can ignore the customer's actual needs, to make everything just becomes about the sale instead about the client. Don't let the urges of selling get to you. Remain professional and pleasant at all times. Do not become obnoxious and pushy just to for a sale, look at the bigger picture, you would want your customer to get a good impression not only about you as a seller, also you brand therefore be more moderated with your persistence.

Tip 3: Belief in the value of your product or service

A bad salesperson only cares about a commission, without keeping the customer interest in mind. That attitude case easily turns off customer away from your product. Clients that believe that you have their best interest in your clients, eventually they will end up appreciating your moderated persistent and concern.

Tip 4: Timing

Be aware of the timing when you are perusing your potential customers. Once you have established a form of communication, determine the time zone of your client, in other words, be aware of it. Remember, doing business on the internet is a 24/7 global enterprise. You don't want to be calling a client via Sky or WhatsApp at your local time 7:00 PM while they are asleep at their local time 1:00 AM.

Tip 5: Do it right

If you as a salesperson have already decided to go all in applying moderated persistence, try to focus on quality over quantity. Keep in mind this quote from author David Allen who said you can do anything you want, but you can't do everything you want. With that being said keep the focus on the things that matter most, your customer satisfaction.

Try to remember that you are building lifetime customers, you would want their business today and in the near future. Therefore, besides a sale focus on building a relationship, after all, they are opening their wallets for what you have to offer.

How to Be Persistent without Being Annoying

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