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How to Activate Roaming Service When You're Already Outside the Country?

Posted on the 23 April 2018 by Tokitechie @tokitechie
How to activate roaming service when you're already outside the country?
When I left Philippines for a contractual job in Saudi Arabia, I was supposed to activate my roaming service at least 24 hours before my flight. However, I forgot to do it the day before my flight and I tried to activate it only two hours before my departure but to no avail, I didn't receive any responses from Globe. Because my activation request is too late already, it wasn't activated until I arrived at the kingdom. When I arrived, I said to myself, "the struggle is real talaga" because in this new environment and culture, securing a SIM card is not as easy as I ever thought. It would take a lot of time and effort, not to mention the need of a residence ID called Iqama which is a primary requirement in securing a SIM card here in Saudi Arabia. I was totally disconnected to the world for almost one week. Thanks to my newly found friends who happened to be my workmates as well, they shared their data connectivity to me for me to be able to connect to the internet. Five months since I arrived here at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, all is well now and I am thriving because I have already my Iqama and I already survived my culture shock.
Benefits of having a Globe roaming sim card:
The following are the benefits of having a roaming SIM card based on my personal experience.
How to activate roaming service when you're already outside the country?
1. You can have immediate access and control to your G-Cash account which you can use to safely subscribe to Netflix and other video-on-demand streaming services without having to use a credit card.
2. You can also use you G-cash account to buy apps, e-books and audiobooks as well as do online shopping without any problem. Just make sure it has enough money credits before you do any transactions online.
3. I'm also using it to pay for my annual payments for the .com domain name of this blog which is very useful because it helped me reached more readers which fuels me to write more articles even further.
4. Having a roaming sim card makes it easier and cheaper for your family in the Philippines to send you a text message if they have an immediate and important things to say whenever needed.
5. My BDO account is linked to my Globe Prepaid SIM card and there is always a confirmation PIN number which is sent to my mobile number every time I transfer funds from my BDO account to another local bank account and from my BDO account to my stocks trading account.
Now, going back to the roaming activation process, just in case you forgot to activate your roaming before you leave the Philippines, here are the two ways on how you can activate your roaming service when you're abroad:
1. Using the GServices App from Globe If you want to use this service, make sure you already linked your Globe mobile number to the GServices app prior to your flight to any country in the world. Assuming that you did not install GServices app on your smartphone prior to your flight, there is no other way but you need to do the second option. How to activate roaming service when you're already outside the country?How to activate roaming service when you're already outside the country?
2. Contact Globe Customer Service via Twitter @talk2GLOBE A customer service representative of Globe will attend to your queries immediately. The customer care specialist who responded to my request was polite and welcoming. Here is a screenshot of our conversation. After a receiving a confirmation message from a Globe customer service representative stating that you're roaming service is already activated, you can now manually setup your phone as instructed.
How to activate roaming service when you're already outside the country?
That's it! I hope this post helped you activate the roaming service for your Globe SIM Card.

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