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How To: 90's Girl Choker (With Video)

By Suma @ThFabJunkie
How To: 90's Girl Choker (With Video)
Hey Loves! 

I went shopping at my favorite craft store the other day, Michaels Craft. I'm one of those people who just like to stroll the aisles to see what new ideas I can come up with.  I remembered that I saw a choker on a fashion forward site that will remain nameless- and you wouldn't believe what is was going for! Ok, let me tell you... $60! I mean, I get it. It's probably imported crystal or something. In all honesty- I wouldn't pay that amount of money for some string. With being said, while I was in Michaels I decided to pick up some supplies to create it on my own! I actually had lots of fun making this choker and it turned out to be one of my favorites.
Here's What You Will Need: 
*Cord: You can find all types here
*Charm or Pendant of Choice: You can find them here
Check out my "How To" Video Below! 

Michael's Craft has tons of cords and pendants to choose from if you decided to make this. It's super easy to make and fun to wear! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube and leave me a comment to let me know what you think! Until next time! 
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