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How SJW’s Are a Threat To Human Intelligence Itself

Posted on the 22 September 2018 by Calvinthedog

Thinking Mouse: “what about the exceptions?!?” Is good for research though. You want to know as much as possible.

Even in research, we don’t care much about that. I write for academic journals. In a lot of fields, we don’t care about exceptions. We just look for a statistical effect. Of course we have to discuss the exceptions statistically in our findings, but in a lot of fields, no one really cares about them.

The purpose of life is looking for patterns that help you to explain reality. The SJW What about the exceptions? bullshit is intended to completely stop humans for seeking or discussing any patterns in humans because all patterns in humans are necessarily generalizations, stereotypes, and various forms of bigotry, racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, Islamophobia and all the rest of the garbage bullshit.

On Quora, they often people with genius+ IQ’s (140+) how they think. Over and over you hear that they are always looking for patterns everywhere they go in life. If all patterns in human life and generalizations, stereotypes and various forms of bigotry and if What about the exceptions? nullifies all generalizations, we are talking about wiping out the very pillars of human thought.

All this crap is coming out of postmodernism, a theory which denies even the possibility of truth or the ability of humans to discover it. That’s why in all Identity Politics like feminism, gay rights, trans rights, anti-racism, all the rest of the sewage, you always get all this hand-waving away of all the scientific facts they don’t like because the facts conflict with their precious theory.

All Identity Politics is based on the primacy of theory over fact, and as such, all IP is intellectually fraudulent. The fact that it is mandatory for all humans in the West to go along with a manifestly intellectually fraudulent and provably false set of theories on pain of job firing, career destruction, etc. is one of the most anti-scientific and anti-intellectual outrages of our modern era. And I lay this whole travesty at the foot of the intellectual joke called the Cultural Left, a miasma of propaganda and lies masquerading as truth and science. 

The SJW’s are an actual menace to human intelligence itself.

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