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How Should We Speak to a Person Who is Hallucinating ?

By Gran13

  • If you suspect that someone is hearing voices, it’s okay to ask if he/she is hearing voices.
  • If the individual says yes, then it’s okay to ask: “What they are saying?”
  • Remember that he/she might be hearing voices at the same time. that  you are talking so the individual needs time to work out what you are saying due to the interference of the voices, as they can be rather noisy.
  • Limit the number of questions you ask and speak slowly and clearly.
  • Reduce the number of outside stimuli like music, for example.
  • Allow the person to vent some of his/her frustrations.
  • It’s a good idea NOT to tell the individual that the voices cannot possibly be real because a person who hallucinates is most definately having this experience, which is  indeed very real to that person.
  • Patience is the operative word here.

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