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How Obesity and Infertility in Men and Women Affect Successful Conceiving

Posted on the 18 March 2014 by Health_news

How obesity and infertility in men and women affect successful conceiving

Obesity is a condition where the weight of the body is not proportionate to our height. Obesity can affect several areas of our life including a healthy lifestyle. Obesity directly causes infertility in both men and women. The reproductive system is not able to produce adequate sperms in men or eggs in women that can be fertilized. Also people who are obese often have a decreased sexual vigor.

Pregnancy is a complicated process. Even though for most men and women having a baby is one of the most common courses in life, not all people are so lucky. Every pregnancy occurs under unique circumstances. The sperm and the egg should be of the right quality so that they are fertilized in the right womb temperature. Even the temperature of the egg and sperm should match with each other. Obesity is a condition that affects all these areas of pregnancy. It affects the quality of the sperm and the egg and also the womb that carries the fetus.

Obesity in women
Several studies about obesity in women indicate that they have a tough time getting pregnant. Even if they get pregnant they have a higher risk for abortion because of obesity.  Being overweight causes hormonal imbalance in women.  Pregnancy moreover leads to further weight gain. The body of an obese person may not be able to handle the overload. Also obesity causes excessive insulin production which is damaging for the fetus. It was also found that obese people also suffer from poly cystic ovarian disease which affects the uterus.  Such women experience irregular menstrual cycles which is again a cause for infertility.

Obesity in men
Obesity in men is also one of the most common causes for infertility. Some other conditions like diabetes along with obesity makes men infertile. Men who have higher body mass index usually suffer from a low sperm count. The low sperm count is caused by the decreased production of testosterone in them. Excessive weight also inhibits their testicles from producing the sperms. A low sperm count also contributes to poor sex life and decrease in sexual vigor.  Often men who are obese find it difficult to hold their ejaculation and it ends up in premature ejaculation. A study showed that obese men who had sex are not able to ejaculate most of the times. Their sperm count on tests showed results that were under 30% compared to men with normal weight.  The quality of sperms was found to be unhealthy and incapable of fertilizing the eggs.

Men and women who are obese and are looking to have a baby should promptly visit an n infertility clinic to get evaluated. There are several options for them like Invitro fertilization and artificial insemination.  However in order to have a healthy pregnancy they should aim at losing weight. Losing weight may increase the chances of pregnancy directly by 80% in obese men and women. Also it makes it easier for them to have a healthy baby with good genes.

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