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How Many Brands Are Against Animal Testing? Awareness!!

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
May 10 2012
This post is written in continuation of my last post on toxic ingredients!!
 Skincare and Makeup Brands Against ANIMAL TESTING
Likewise, we should also be aware of products which are not tested on animals. Honestly speaking, when I see shiny products flashing bright and with gorgeous packaging, I kind of forget about anything happening behind them. But it just hurts to know that innocent lives were tested and may have been a part of the lab like we dissected frog in our biology labs.
What do you think about it?
Some Animal_Friendly brands, that means they have not tested their products on animals. Animals were not harmed during testing. It is actually very understandable that testing is required only for those ingredients which are harmful but they may be used as a catalyst - to expedite the healing process. But again, who requires it? Of course it is us and the brands!! we need to expedited cure and brands need easy money. Not sure, what I am talking about but this is what is true to my understanding.
Here is the list of brands which are animal-friendly brands:
LushThe Body ShopOriginal SourceMACBarry MAlmayAvonAvedaBare MineralsBobby brownBumble and BumbleChanelClarinsMarks and SpencerSt IvesUrban DecayLiz Earle
Also, the below picture on any product depicts that it is animal-friendly product:

The above mentioned information about animal friendly products is all hard work of Adele Halsall and she wrote an article dedicated to this topic HERE
This not a topic which will stop here!! it will keep growing. So do check back!!
Disclaimer: I do not claim to be entirely responsible for this post. This post includes hard work of a lot of people, websites and authors. A link has been mentioned for each and every information I have from other websites. [Stop Plagiarism.] To know more, please read my Disclosure Policy.

How Many Brands are against Animal Testing? Awareness!! 
 Thank you for reading!!   How Many Brands are against Animal Testing? Awareness!!

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