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How Low Will Trump Stoop?...Embrassing Facism for Political Gains!

Posted on the 21 November 2015 by Rfschatten @RFSchatten
By RF Schatten
Registering Registering Jews? How about registering batshit assholes and keep them away from normal civilized society! Le Grande Orange has become a public joke whose Political and Social Rhetoric is greatly the chagrin of the Democrats...the demise of what was once a proud Grand Old Party! How many Republican Presidents and Statesmen...and old Republican you think are rolling in their graves, today?
Now if elected President, besides building the largest man made Wall in history...and naturally, named "The Trump Wall"...around the perimeter of this Nation to keep out every existing human being who's considered an undesirable by the Christian Right, and/or not approved by Das Führer, himself!...with Latino bashing becoming old and stale very quickly, find a new and fresh target to continue demonizing; Muslims Americans!...American Citizens of Islamic Heritage, 'Born in the USA'! must require an ID in public like the Jews in Germany with those Star of David Armbands. Longing for the days of the Numbered Tattoo...huh, Donald?!?!
How about Tattooing everyone's personal IQ on their arm...and everyone in the US whose IQ is that of a Moron, is rounded up and separated from Society?
The rest of the world doesn't want or need to catch that chronic batshit disease affecting Republicans..."Spontaneous Irreversible Stupidity"...example: After being exposed by Conservative Pundits and the GOP's upper echelon itself, as inexperienced, unqualified, mediocre amateurs, who 'will'...without a doubt...bring more tension and danger to the United States, and to an already dangerous world!
And for being used by both, our enemy and our allies due to their absolute ignorance in Foreign Policy...not to mention the final destruction of an already fractured Republican Party!...after all of that? Carson and Trump jumped even higher in the polls! Cause? in their astute sick mind...The Führer and Dr.Mengele 'are' the epitome of knowledge, class, and statesmanship! Never said these trolling minions are smart!
Ahhyup! Round them all, lock them all up, screw trials, and throw away the key! No one likes the NDAA, and in many ways it's against the Bill of Rights!...but rounding up American Citizens because they are of a particular Ethnicity or Religious Belief? The repulsing and shamefully disgraceful memories of Manzanar, Tule Lake, Minidoka, Heart Mountain, Rohwer, and all those Japanese American Internment Camps. Why not just put away the Morons in those camps reserved for Syrians?...but then again, with that scenario...the Republicans' and Trump's Voter Base wouldn't be able to get out and vote for him, Dr Ben, or any Dumbo who gets the nomination!
Aligning (ahh...sucking up!) with the radical Far Right Wing in America and embracing Fascism?!?! How low could an indecent degenerate get down to, for a vote? How low could two dishonorable human beings spew hatred and fear to an already exploited, fearfully ignorant fan base?  The Trumpster's comments, along with Carson and his remark on equating Syrian Refugees with Rabid Dogs...and now, Steve King comparing Syrian Refugees to "Poisonous Grapes"  How dignified!...the GOP should be very proud of themselves for achieving to reach the ultimate in Political Gutter!
And where are all the Republicans' denouncements of Trump and Carson? Not too many...if any!
Is the GOP embracing Trump's sick and sordid Fascism? In the words of Bill Maher; “I Don’t Know It For a Fact...I Just Know It’s True.”!!
How dangerous are these characters and the Republican Party, today? As dangerous as We, The People allow them to be.
How dangerous is a Party that's Xenophobic with a total disdain and hatred towards every Ethnic and Religious group in the world that does not agree with them? and all Social Classes below the 1%? How Dangerous is a Party that demonize and ostracize those less fortunate? How dangerous is a Party that hypocritically fights for Freedom and Rights, while removing the Civil Liberties of others endowed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! How dangerous is a Party that believes in Government staying out of your life...yet wants to control what goes on in your bedroom, and the control of the Woman's body? How dangerous is a Party that spews hatred and fear, and continually opposes and fights against...instead of favoring...every single issue supported by the vast majority of the Nation? How dangerous is a Party that negotiates secretly behind the back of the Administration and State Dept. with another Foreign Government to undermine the Foreign Policies of their own Government?
Yes! they can be dangerous...especially, when they're dangerous with no mind whatsoever! ...but, only if we permit them. Socially Civilized America outnumbers Batshit Loonie America, by a wide there's no excuse to put up with this Freak Show in our Society, that call themselves Republicans.  We live in a Society that Tolerates the Intolerant...and it's the responsibility of the American Public to correct its wrongs or be prepared to lose it all. Intolerance is a powerful weapon to exploit the close-minded ignorance in a Society...people, who are considered "expendable" by the Puppet Masters behind the scenes.
There must be some Sanity remaining in this Country...and I still believe Common Sense will win out at the end. But a Donald Trump Presidency? I could see "The Donald"...the 1st President to be escorted out of the White House and taken directly to his room at the Funny Farm! a Unanimous Consent, Act of Congress! 
Donald Trump Wants to Register Muslims Like the Nazis Registered Jews

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