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How Long to Boil Eggs Perfectly

By Foodandhealthuk

We all have different ways of how to boil eggs and for how long in terms of time. Some like soft boiled eggs whilst others may prefer hard boiled eggs. It all depends on someone's preference at your dining table. If you don't get it right, you may have to put up with comments from so called expert chefs giving you tips on how to make it perfectly.

Boiled eggs with salads are a delicious retreat. If we have friends around an evening for few drinks, I would make some firm hard boiled eggs and slice them up, adding pinch of pepper and salt as little snacks.

How to boil eggs

  1. Grab a good sauce pan that is deep enough to hold water and eggs.
  2. Pour cold water in the pan, just enough to the level those eggs can float.
  3. Put the eggs carefully in the sauce pan with water. Don't cram them in as it will move during boiling process.
  4. Turn your gas hob or electric hob to medium heat and wait for the water to boil.
  5. Once the water has come to boil, take the pan off from the hob / heat.
  6. Get a stop timer on your phone or set an alarm on your oven. Set the timer to match how long to boil eggs chart below.
  7. Let it cook until your egg timer goes off.
how long to boil eggs perfectly

Boiled Egg times

how long to boil eggs perfectly

As you can see from the boiled egg time chart, it can really vary based on desired taste.

  • Runny soft boiled eggs: 3 minutes
  • Slightly runny soft boiled eggs: 5 minutes
  • Custardy but firm soft boiled eggs: 6 minutes
  • firm but still creamy hard boiled eggs: 9 minutes
  • very firm hard boiled eggs: 13 minutes

How to peel boiled egg quick?

We have all tried peeling boiled egg shell at some point and it always end up coming in small broken pieces, unless of course you knew a better logical way to peel egg shell.

The easiest method to peel boiled egg is to run the boiled eggs in cold water and then suddenly adding ice cubes to cool it down rapidly. Sudden cooling of boiled egg loosens up the shell, allowing you to peel easily without damaging egg skin.

Benefits of boiled eggs

Eggs are far better than fried omelettes. It retains all the good nutrients during the boil and it's so quick to make. Perfect companion for anyone looking for good source of protein.

They contain high amount of good cholesterol in blood. Egg provides more than 50% of daily intake allowance. Eating eggs can reduce the risk of heart disease and enhance eye sight as you get older.

Some of the key nutrient information of egg:

It also has various other nutrients on top of listed benefits above. Experts recommend that you don't go consume over 3 eggs daily.



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