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Good Health Reasons to Eat Dark Chocolate

By Foodandhealthuk

Good health reasons to eat dark chocolate instead of white chocolate. Maintain balance, Reduce blood pressure, Cholesterol and reduce cardiac risk factors.

1) To keep your balance.
A study at University of L'Aquila in Italy proved that Dark chocolate. that two weeks with a 100g of dark chocolate consumption daily. participants of the University of L'Aquila, Italy, have shown resistance to the lower consumer white chocolate insulin. Why bother? For that insulin resistance impairs the ability of the body to regulate sugar levels in the blood, potentially leading to weight gain and type 2 diabetes.
2) To lower your blood pressure and improve blood flow to your body.
Only 30 kcal of dark chocolate, the equivalent of two squares in more than 70% cocoa, enough to lower your blood pressure, according to a German study at the University of Cologne. These scientists have carried out a test by offering subjects a daily ration of white chocolate or dark chocolate for eighteen weeks.

Verdict: consumption of white chocolate had no effect on blood pressure, but in contrast the group devouring dark chocolate, rich in antioxidants, has seen lower systolic blood pressure by an average of three points.
3) To boost your resilience.
In addition to reducing your cholesterol and relieve the inflammation, the antioxidants in dark chocolate may reduce cardiac risk factors. So you can exercise safely and for a long time. A study by Harvard University has also shown that only apples contain more antioxidants per 100 kcal. As if you needed another good reason to succumb without feeling guilty.

4) Reduce Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or stroke

Recent study proved that eating dark chocolate frequently helps reduce the risk of cardio related diseases by 30%. It doesn't mean you have to eat chocolate every day but at least few times a week will certainly put on good books.

5) Protect you against sun, who needs sun lotion?

The natural flavonols seems to contain important health benefit ingredients to protect you against sun. Lot of us go and buy a nice sun lotion to keep us out of UV burns and sun rays, but it seem like from the studies eating dark chocolate is the way forward. I know how important it is to catch some sun and get the missing Vitamin D (only guys in cold countries will understand how much we are missing out).

6) Improve Brain function and blood flow

Reasons to eat Dark Chocolate does not need approval from anyone as we have heard in the past that it's good for you. We never questioned it until this generation who are keen on healthy diets, low calorie chocolates and reasons for dark chocolate to be good for health. Apparently, dark chocolate helps you remember and function twice as much if you obtain flavonols regularly. Anti-oxidants also play key part in ensuring the body is healthy to deal with brain function.

7) Makes you happier

Phenylethylamine also known as PEA found in dark chocolate makes you happier in same context as when you feel you are in love. When you consume the right amount of dark cocoa, brain produces endorphins giving that good feel. It also helps you lose weight as it contains low fat compounds and healthy minerals.

Typical 100g Dark Chocolate bar contains:

  • 11g of fiber content
  • 67% of Iron from RDA.
  • 58% of Magnesium.
  • 89% of Copper supplement.
  • 98% of Manganese from daily recommend value by RDA.
  • On top of that, enough of phosphorus,potassium, zinc and selenium

This is based on average of dark choc bars containing 70-80% cocoa in the mix.

Always buy the dark chocolate high in cocoa as others will be pointless for your diet. It might not taste as good when the cocoa levels are high but it will definitely help you in the long run when it comes to health.

Of course it probably isn't practical to eat 100 grams of dark bitter chocolate to get your daily intakes. So we suggest you at least take half of this recommended and compliment it with other meals to contribute to things like protein.



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