How It Feels: Falling in Love for the Second Time

Posted on the 18 April 2014 by Sakshi Raina @capturesunshyne
The first time you were in love was like a fairy tale. You were unhurt, not experienced, and accepted love with open arms but then it fell apart and you were left heartbroken. You hid under the blankets, cried for sleepless nights and ate countless tubs of chocolate ice cream to feel better but none of them quite worked. You couldn't understand what went wrong and how someone with which you planned your future is not a part of it anymore. You realize how people could stop meaning all sweet things they said to you and can easily break promises. You no longer know how to trust people anymore. You carry the lessons you learned and keep them in mind when you possibly love someone again.
The second time you fall in love with someone, you don't really fall. You walk, stop, check, hope, walk, doubt, stop, walk. You're more cautious. You already got your heart broken and cannot risk it for an another time but you're relieved, you're relieved because you can feel the butterflies in your stomach again and know that some one else loves you back again. You worry that your ex will find love sooner than you but then you remember and you can peacefully sleep while talking to this new person again.
You're now going to be a more sane person. The first time you became an insane monster not knowing how to act in various situations with all those powerful feelings but now you have grown and you have learned and you know what works and what doesn't. Although not perfectly.
You would always compare the first love with your second and that is okay. You will be judging and comparing each and every move just to make sure those mistakes are not repeated this time, weighing out all the negatives and the positives and being surprised how can you love a person this different than the last.
First love would be special. It gave you lessons to remember and taught you how to love. It is dreamy and far away from reality but once you get your heart broken you come into an isolated bubble where you want to stay out of reach. Then comes a person whom you would let inside the bubble making yourself vulnerable but this time you're mature and both of you rise in the bubble.
Ending this post with an image that perfectly describes it.How it feels: Falling in love for the second time

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