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How Do You Know If You Are Alpha Or Not?

Posted on the 28 February 2014 by Calvinthedog

Tulio was discussing the “half your age +7 rule is as low as you can get” for men dating younger women. The rule is OK, but in my life, it has been more like half my age period to even half your age -X.

Now whether the rules are different for more Alpha types, I have no idea. For one thing, I have no idea if I am an Alpha or not. A number of people have told me that I obviously am, but I am not so sure.

I do meet one of the criteria thrown out for Alphas. Supposedly once you have fucked 100 females, you are automatically an Alpha no matter what your life has been like. Last count was 109, so I guess I qualify on that one. I told that to my current girlfriend, and she was leaning over in bed one night and asked, “So I am #109 now eh, is that what we are up to?” “I said yep, it was 108, and now you are 109 LOL.” She didn’t seem to care that she the last entry on a long list. Actually, I think it turned her on.

Tell you the truth, I do not even care if I am an Alpha or not.

I think most real Alphas, if you asked them if they were an Alpha or not, would shrug their shoulders and say, “Who the fuck cares?”

The PUA and Game Sphere is full of all of these fucktard young men running around yelling, “I am an Alpha, and fuck all the rest of you pussies I am going to kick your faggot beta asses!” I am really dubious about those guys because I doubt real Alphas shout it to the sky.

Real Alphas just know it and don’t have to brag about it. I suppose they figure it must be obvious what they are. They probably don’t care whether you think they are or not, and they probably don’t even walk around thinking, “I am an Alpha” very much.

In that same Sphere, those same guys say Alphas size up every man they meet to see if he is Alpha, Beta or Omega, and then deal with them accordingly. They dominate the Betas and disdain, humiliate or ignore the Omegas.

I wonder if these guys are really Alphas. I figure most Alphas don’t even care about what the other guys are because they simply do not see them as competition. Another Alpha is just a member of the brotherhood who you divide up the pussy loot with.

If an Alpha meets another man, I doubt if he sizes him up that way.His attitude is probably, “LOL, competition? You call that competition LOL?. Don’t think so.” They don’t see other men as competitors at all because they figure they walk on water already, so why be worried about these guys?

Alphas are focused on the women, and they are just ignoring all the guys, who are only inconsequential anyway.

And I doubt if all Alphas dominate, disdain, humiliate or ignore other men. Alpha is a position of strength, not weakness. An Alpha figures, “I can go make friends with that schmuck over there, the biggest Omega in the whole bar, and it won’t even matter.” He’s probably right because even if he is hanging out being bros with that dork, women won’t care and will just gravitate to the Alpha anyway and ignore the dork. A real Alpha is not diminished by his male company as they are inconsequential.

A lot of Alphas I have known were really nice guys,  even to idiots, fools and dorks, because, well, they could afford to be. If you are slamming down other guys all the time, you think they are competition. You are worried about them and concerned with your ranking. You are also insecure. The Alpha is secure and is not worried about his ranking because it is obvious to the whole universe that he is on top, so it’s not even controversial, and there’s nothing to be threatened by.

Also I doubt if Alphas even analyze other men that much. An Alpha is usually thinking about two things:

1. What am I doing now?

2. What am I going to do in the (near) future?

Neither of those involve comparing and ranking with some random dude hitting you up for conversation, so I don’t think they would bother with that ranking type thinking.

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