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How Can We Avoid the Daily Mental Health Triggers?

By Gran13

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It is extremely difficult for an outsider to fully understand the difficulties of a person who has been diagnosed with a mental illness. One of the difficulties are the triggers that can start an episode of mental illness. Everyone struggles with triggers as the elements of daily life bring out intense emotions and not only people with mental illness are at risk. But, how does a person push aside the mental health triggers that haunt our every move?  That depends on a person’s struggles and coping skills. For those with eating disorders, triggers can grow from the mere sight of food. For a person who self-harms, any sharp object can trigger the urge to self-injure. There is no sure way to avoid triggers. However, if one can find ways to replace those triggers with positive activities or diversions, success might move nearer. Music or writing and being surrounded by supportive people can be used as positive replacements and if actively used, the mental health triggers may not affect us as much.

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