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How Can Pets Be Beneficial for the Family?

By Mummyoftwo @RaspberryGiggle
Today I am delighted to be hosting a guest post all about how having pets can be beneficial for the whole family. The Little A's are very lucky that they are growing up with Shadow, our dog. It is lovely to see them interacting with her and I think it is great we are able to teach them how to act responsible around dogs. Little Mr A keeps bugging us for a rabbit too which we are currently debating! How can pets be beneficial for the family? How can Pets be Beneficial for the Family?

If you have children, you've no doubt been asked the question 'can we have a pet please?' at least a million times, or you're expecting that day to come very soon.

But of course, pets are a big responsibility, especially dogs and cats, and whilst our little angels may insist until they're blue in the face that they'll help out, it may be a little hard to believe when looking at the state of their bedrooms.

However, we do think that pets can be a fantastic - and highly beneficial - member of the family, and here's a few of the main reasons why.

They provide the perfect source for teaching about responsibilities

Teaching children the importance of being responsible can be difficult, and usually results in bribery after the weekly epic battle for them to help tidy their room. However, with a pet you can easily show them the consequences that can occur if they don't fulfil their duties and responsibilities. For example, if they don't fill their bowl each day, the animal will go hungry, and if they don't take them for walks, the animal will become unhealthy.

You could even get your child involved with your animal's nutrition, and explain the choices for the food you buy for them, such as royal canin, so that they have a better understanding of the importance of healthy eating. Giving your child little jobs to help out with the pet can be great for them, and will take one off you, too!

They encourage exercise and outdoor activity

Animals (mainly dogs) provide the perfect excuse to head to the park for a run around and some fresh air. If your child is too young to go to the park by themselves, even throwing a ball to your dog in the back garden is a much better form of exercise than playing on the Xbox! They are also a great way of socialising with other dog walkers at the park, too.

They are the perfect source of companionship

They will be one of your child's first best friends, and will be for many years. Especially if your child is shy or introvert, they can be the ideal outlet they need to bring out their personalities further. Pets are great for increasing self esteem too as they will be dependent on you and your family, which may give your child a great sense of worth.

How can pets be beneficial for the family?
They teach valuable lessons regarding life

Whilst not quite as cheery as the other points, this one is a really important one. Pets can give your child an insight into death, which will be a much more gentle way of easing them into this tough fact of life than losing a friend or relative. You could even get them a book that deals with the loss of a pet to help them through the hard times too. Your pet will no doubt require extra assistance as it grows older too, which will teach them about the different life stages, also.

I hope there was some useful information there for you to consider. I would love to know if any of you or your children have pets!
How can pets be beneficial for the family?

Guest post for which I have been compensated.

How can pets be beneficial for the family?

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