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How an Indian Man Can Be a House Husband

By Pravin Bhakare @pbhakare992

Quotes go old and dump when it comes to saying that men works is for men and a woman works suits only on women. Only women can be a better house maker and a men better earner. With the change in era, a broader outlook in thoughts, emotions, sharing, caring and understanding of relationships can be seen among husband and wives. When wives are changing its plot from house maker to financial supporter and fighting every fight shoulder to shoulder with husband’s to fill their home with better bread and butter. Indian man who always are most stiff related to their roles of pride bread owner of homes are seems to break the barriers and coming out to help their wife’s or being happy staying at home as a house husband. They try and seem to understand women and their wife’s with a complete new perspective, which includes respect, honor and a better understanding of every emotion or loads of homes.

These muscles man don’t show their manliness physically, in voice or as a dominating stature to women but they prove that they can be a better friend, companion and a house husband being it be as a chef or cleaner of utensils and home or baby caretaker they can do all the jobs of a women with more strength and less tired of. So for all those Indian man and husband who wants a better relationship and a peaceful home don’t hesitate to stay at home and support your wife before she comes in, show your masculinity here to get and show more love and respect at home by being a house husband.


Many times you are proud and praised of for your neat and clean files and office work. This time change the way and place do it in your home for the one you love most, who knows the day ends with more love. Start over with cleaning floor or dusting the main room, tables etc. it can be much easier than thought of. If you don’t feel comfortable in this you can clean the utensils or kitchen while your wife is off for sometime, this will give a new boost in your relationship.


Keeping up the demands and always on duty for your baby gets your wife most tired than any other work. Just try out once to feel or to loosen her load while hanging around the baby and taking caring of this responsibility, will make you feel more obliged towards your wife.


When there is unwanted guest or its party time at your home. No one but you can be a good supporter of arrangements, a better chef or at the end of it a better helping cleaner. Try out to celebrate your relationship in more genuine love.

Indian Men’s and many husbands nowadays with a sensible approach are now proud of being a house husband. They don’t hesitate or feel shy neither show masculinity they have become more compatible, they don’t left women alone as a house hold struggler, they show concerns and more energy sharing and saving time to celebrate the new trendy nature of house husbands why not you?, a KYC approved platform tries to introduce all the scrutinized profiles to match your compatibility and find a better house maker partner from all aspects. Get register to get married with the right match.



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