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Housekeeping Horror

By Partycraftsecrets @partycraftsecrt
Housekeeping HorrorIt's no secret that house-keeping is boring stuff.  If I were a millionainaire it would be the first thing on my to-do list to go.  I'm not, so I get to clean house like everyone else.  Cleaning up after toddlers is a particularly relentless and thankless occupation.  Every now and then however, you get to laugh.
Take the example of one Mummy (me) who gets to make lots of fun crafty projects for kids as part of her party-craft business.  Mummy always tries to photograph the things she makes straight away.  Mummy then lets her toddler daughters play with what she's finished with.  Toddler 1 (Mimi) is very good at playing with paper.  Toddler 2 (Lotti) is not so good, as I've posted before in Sticky Business.
Exhibit A: in the picture on the left you can see the Halloween printables which went out with Partycraft Secrets Newsletter 2.  
Exhibit B: the picture on the right shows the same paper crafts after 10 minutes of unsupervised time with Little Lotti.
I couldn't help but laugh to see my hard work TRASHED.  Needless to say had the craft not been photographed, or still to be used for something else... grrrr...
If you received your Newsletter and made the templates - send me a picture - linda(at)partycraftsecrets(dot)com!  Oh, and I forgot to say in the newsletter that you can turn the dice template into a keepsake box with secret horrors inside simply by not gluing the last tab down.

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Last bit of housekeeping is to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to the four winners of the competition Kathy Barbro held on her site 'Art Projects for Kids.'  I hope the four of you enjoy your themed ebooks and printpaper packages.  And what themes did the 4 lucky people choose??  Ballet, Fairy and Pirate x2... ya-haaar for the pirates!

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