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House & Home : My Old Sofas + Throws, Blankets and All Things Snuggly.

By Simonea
House & Home : My Old Sofas + Throws, Blankets and All Things Snuggly.images via Pinterest
It's fairly unusual these days, and actually we were possibly the odd ones out amongst our friends back then, but my husband & I didn't live together before we got married.
He had traveled a bit & lived at home with his parents & I had been renting for a few years after after our wedding, we needed to buy everything, we had lots of "stuff" but little or no furniture.
Our first flat had an enormous living room & consequently our first major purchase was not one but two matching cream three-seater sofas....super-comfy & squashy.We were pre-children clearly, practicality didn't enter our heads in those days!
But in fact those sofas have lasted very well thanks to loose covers and we still use them today. One is just about to come out of our storage unit to join us & the other one sits in the heart of our home, large enough to accommodate my rapidly growing children and to fit all four of us on movie nights.It has withstood endless jumping, all manner of food & drink, been used as a both a sick bed & a spare bed many times & remains the very definition of comfort & family life. 
Thanks to the washable covers, cream has actually worked very well in all the homes we have lived in since we got married, fitting in with a variety of colours & styles.
Our current home is neutral & light, comfortable Scandi-chic in style, lots of creams, whites & greys.
As the arms have become slightly worn, I have started to use throws & blankets on the sofas, partly because they are so easy to use & partly because I think they add to the comfort & appeal of the room.
I have a couple of vintage quilts, one of which is so large that it covers almost all of one sofa & I've draped soft & snuggly blankets on the arms. If it sounds "student-y", it really isn't....all the coverings tuck in snugly and fit well!I also keep a pile of blankets & throws handy for those cold winter evenings.
I have spotted a gorgeous emerald green couch in Ikea which I am currently coveting but I feel quite sentimental about my cream sofas, they hold a lot of memories, stories and happy times.I did consider giving them away when we moved & starting again with something new but I couldn't quite bring myself to do so.
Each sofa has plenty of cushions & I am in the process of swapping the cream cushions for a variety of greys & some different textures...and I am always on the hunt for gorgeous throws & blankets, I've become fairly obsessed with them in fact & these are some of my current favourites....
grey herringbone merino & cashmere throw
charcoal 100% pure wool Winston throw
chunky knit lambswool throw in gray marl
grey stars fleecy blanket
recycled 100% wool throws
charcoal cushions 
mongolian cushions
House & Home : My Old Sofas + Throws, Blankets and All Things Snuggly.viaHeal's / NotOnTheHighStreet / Mitre Linen

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