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Horrible Plastic Surgery Photos: The Worst Cases Through Photos

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

You know, plastic surgery was first created to make the world better by making beautiful, youthful and natural appearance for people. However, everything is not exactly 100% reliable and things might go wrong at any time. There have been many cases when unexpected results occurred when plastic surgery was overused or taken by some beauty addicts. Let’s take a deep breath and see some examples of horrible plastic surgery photos.

One of the most renowned cases of horrible plastic surgery photos cases is Jocelyn Wildenstein – who’s often referred as “”The Bride of Wildenstein” (made up from “The Bride of Frankenstein” for joking). Rumors had it that she allegedly spent almost 4 millions USD on plastic surgery over the years, leading to the worst case of addiction. She was once very beautiful and rich but the outcome of overused surgery has destroyed the beautiful part of her and turned her to one of the most horrible plastics surgery photos cases. Such a pity!

Jocelyn plastic surgery

Not only women are the main subjects of horrible plastic surgery cases, men also fall victims to the addiction. And singer, television personality Pete Burns is the most famous (or “infamous”) one. The front man of British band Dead or Alive has had his lips injected with “polyacrylamide” along with cheek implants, nose-reshaping.

dennis avner plastic surgery

Another case is Dennis Avner – who is called The Catman. He has undergone extensive plastic surgery to look just like his totem animal, the tiger. However, we see little of a tiger and more of a cat which explains much of his nickname. Modifications include: tattoos, transdermal implants,… these horrible plastic surgery photos of him could creep you out totally.

We have a beauty, a singer, a non-famous person, now we would like to introduce the next victim of horror plastic surgery photos: worldwide fashion designer Donatella Versace. She has gone through drastic change and made herself truly a “caricature”. Nose jobs are supposed to make the nose look smaller but in her case, it makes hers look bigger throughout the years. In addition to that, her overdone plastic surgery has made her lips abnormally big which people usually refer as “trouty mouth”.

donatella versace plastic surgery

donatella versace plastic surgery

The last case, which would be the most shocking and horrible plastic surgery photos case of all, is Hang Mioku from Korea. She was so addicted to plastic surgery that she injected cooking oil to her face. She once had first plastic surgery procedure when she was 28, then it went wrong and finally, she did the terrible thing.

Hang Mioku plastic surgery

Hang Mioku plastic surgery
Hang Mioku plastic surgery

In conclusion, plastic surgery is only appropriate when many factors have been considered and there is advice from consultants or doctors. No one should be addicted to it and become one of those horror plastic surgery photos in the Internet.

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By Ankita
posted on 17 June at 08:25
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Plastic surgery was first better option to make beautiful appearance for people but one should be care about before the treatment and take advice from consultants or doctors for better results.