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By Fashionlushxx @fashionlushxx
$hopping ( Pretty purple and pink wallets )
It is a rare occasion that I head to the mall, as I feel I am much more of the thrift store and/or
boutique shopper. I usually feel that the mall is a bit too typical for me, sorry. That being said,
here are times an exception is made, and that is during the holidays (or when someone gets
me a gift card). So off to the mall I went with my bestie, Lauryn aka The Skinny Confidential.
I snapped a few shops of all of the pretty things caught my eye.  Mostly the vibrant colors and the festive decorations.  $hopping
$hopping Colorful handbags for winter, I approve.
$hopping Marc Jacobs neon iPad case Look familiar? It should because it is on my Holiday Wishlist!
$hopping Jo Malone scents, always a great gift idea. Yummy.
$hopping Common occurrence during the holidays. Getting perfectly tipsy, but of course.

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