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Hope’s First Birthday!!!

By Chelsey5 @chelseysullivan

 My sweet baby girl is now 1-year-old!

Crazy how that happens right?

One minute your pregnant and what seems like a moment passes and then your throwing a big birthday party for your 1-year-old.

This feeling is not new since I have felt it a time or 4 before but it always seems to catch me off guard.

Nevertheless, it was party time and I was thrilled to throw a party for my sweet Hope.

I was also thrilled that we had family come from all over to share this special occasion with us.

We have been away from family for the past 2 years or so and it was so wonderful to have them near enough again to be a part of our celebrations.

For Hope’s party I decided to have a “precious and pink” party.

What better for a little girl, right?

This is what we came up with ……

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
A shabby chic, pink and precious, baby girl party!

This was her yummy dessert table.

She had all sorts of goodies to share with her guests.

Hope’s First Birthday!!!

She had number 1 sugar cookies,

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
Pink taffy,

Hope’s First Birthday!!!

mini cupcakes with a raspberry filling,

Hope’s First Birthday!!!

Coconut cream cake pops,

(Which were my favorite because they were so pretty and tasty!)

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
We tied ribbon on the cake pops for a little extra something.

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
Hope’s shabby chic frosted mini cake for her to eat all by herself.

We also had pink frosted toffee, strawberry mentos, chocolate covered strawberries, and strawberry wafers.

It was a feast of pink!

Hope’s First Birthday!!!

She was bobbing and swaying to the fun music.

It was adorable!

After presents she got a chance to dig into her very own birthday cake.

I laid down a large table-cloth underneath her high chair for the huge mess that was to come.

Except…….it didnt come.

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
 She really did not like the cake!

She did not like that her hands were all dirty and she also did not like how it tasted!

Who’s child is this???

Certainly not mine if she does not want sugar!

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
She was very displeased with it all.

We tried for a few minutes to get her to eat it but with no success.

Hope’s First Birthday!!!

 Now in this photo it looks like she may actually be enjoying the cake I made for her but that would be wrong.

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
She is however enjoying the carrot I gave her!!!

Again, whom does this child belong???

Hope’s First Birthday!!!

She proved she was mine after all by dipping her carrot into the cake’s frosting then eating the carrot.

Phew! I was worried there for a minute.

Hope’s First Birthday!!!

After her torturous encounter with a cake she just wanted cleaned up and out of her high chair so she could play with her boom box.

Does that smile not just melt your heart?!

She is such a wonderful little girl and I thank God for all the time I have had the pleasure of having with her and I look forward to much more.

Her party was pink and pretty and fun.

Just like her.

Hope’s First Birthday!!!
Hope’s First Birthday!!!
Hope’s First Birthday!!!

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