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Homemade Vanilla Extract

By Veronica46
Homemade Vanilla ExtractI love homemade gifts.I think there is something so sweet about making something for someone.It makes you feel very special.I was thinking of some homemade gifts I could make for Christmas.I was thinking of gifts that were nice, but wouldn’t break the bank.When I made my Lemoncello and gave it away for Christmas, it was not cheap.The most expensive cost was the pretty decorative jars that I put them in.I decided I wanted to make vanilla extract.I got my vanilla from hereI ordered one pound and when it came in the mail a week later, I had over 100 vanilla pods in my hand.The smell of vanilla is intoxicating!After I got my vanilla beans in the mail, I planned to go to the liquor store, then my local craft store to get some fancy jars.While I was at the Liquor store, I spied a 200 ml bottle of vodka.Eureka I thought!What if I used the bottle the vodka came in?So that is exactly what I did.This is how I did it.Homemade Vanilla Extract

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Homemade Vanilla Extract


3 vanilla beans1 bottle of vodka
(I used 200ml aristocrat)
water and a container to soak your bottle to get the label off


Soak your vodka bottles in water overnight to get the labels off.

You can use a putty knife once the labels are soft.

Open your vodka and add 3 beans per 200 ml bottle.

You can use any brand of vodka you like.

the 200ml bottles are ideal because they are not to small or to large.

The general rule is about 3 beans per cup.
You can make homemade labels or purchase them.

I bought mine from here.

I got my vanilla from here

I bought a pound of vanilla beans.

I purchased my ribbon at Walmart.

I wrapped the ribbon around the top and cut it at an angle.

I put my label over the ribbon to secure it.

Shake the jar every day or so.

Your vanilla extract should be ready in about 6 months.

Homemade Vanilla Extract
Peace be with you,Veronica

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