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By Rubytuesday
I was really hoping to get home yesterdayThe boredom and routine of the hospital was sapping the life out of meAnd I was losing the will to liveThey took blood yesterday morning And it took a couple of hours for the results to come back I paced the corridor as I was off my dripAsking the nurses every half hour if they were back I have to say though The nurses are nothing short of fantastic A few of them remembered me from my last admissionAnd they just couldn't do enough for meI had cups of tea coming out my ears!And if I never see toast again it will be too soonMy Dad came in to collect meSo he also had to wait At about 4 30pmThe results came back My amylase was down by 100So that was good news Now I just had to wait to see the doctor to be dischargedI was all set for another epic waitI swear I'd done nothing but wait since I set foot in that hospitalBut to my surpriseHe arrived after only a few minutesWith his possey in towAnd gave me the go ahead to go homeThey didn't need to tell me twiceI quickly packed my bag And rang my Dad who was down stairs I went to say goodbye to all the ladies in my ward The lady beside me especially We used to sit in our respective chairsAnd have a fool ol' natterShe was in a tremendous amount of painAnd was drugged up to the eyeballs It didn't bother me thoughI was getting Tramadol and a sleeper So I was happy out
The day in hospital is long I was well enough to be conscious of what was happening Not sick enough to not be boredMy pain was being managed with the TramadolI asked many of the nurses and doctors what I could do to prevent further attacksBut they could be me no answersAnd one even told me to pray!So there seems there's nothing I can do to help myself And may just have to put up with thisAnd learn to live and manage itI guess in hospital they only treat the symptoms They patch you up And send you on your way as soon as you begin to improve I left hospital at 5pmAnd I was delighted to get homeTo see Mam and the dogs The dogs knew something was up the last few days. And they were being unusually quietThey gave me a lovely welcome thoughI had some dinner Changed in to my pyjamasAnd settled down for the nightMam is feeling strongerAnd is getting around a bit more easilyI'm glad to be home to help out I'll whip the place in to shape in jig time
So this morning I had to see my doctor I had no appointment So I just rocked up at 9amAnd planted myself outside his roomAvoiding the receptionists As I knew if I went through themI would never get to see himThe surgery was so busySo I was hoping my doctor would see meI knocked on his door And he called me inI apologised for skipping the queue But he saw meWhich was very decent of himHe asked me about my hospital stayAnd again He could not give me any answersApart from avoiding alcoholWhich I do any way I forgot to bring my Tramadol prescriptionSo I asked my doctor for some He was really reluctant to give me someBut agreed to give me two days worthAlbeit half the dose I was getting in hospitalI was so glad he saw me thoughAt least now I can relax that I have my medsThat's the thing about methadone I am so dependant on itAnd waiting around for it in hospital was a nightmare But the nurses were fantasticAnd did their best to get it for me as soon as they could Nurses really are the unsung heroes of the health care systemEvery time I have a hospital admissionI am so impressed with their kindnessTheir efficiencyAnd their patienceIt really is a vocationEven the student nurse was amazing 
Now I am back home And I'm trying to get the house in to some kind of orderMy poor sister is absolutely wreckedShe has been on nurse duty now for over a weekThen she had to bring me in to casualty I feel so bad for herBut I am home now And I can get stuck inI guess I just need to be careful nowAnd stay as healthy as I can That includes diet, exercise and looking after my mental healthThat's all I can doAnd hopefully I won't get another attack any time soon 
I'm feeling a lot better thoughMy pain is minimalAnd I'm going to go to my course today all being well It's just so lovely to be home And have the freedom to do what I like Ok I'm off to do some cleaning See you on the next post....

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