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By Jenrene

There is one thing about being home...
It's sacred.
It seems to never change.

I am so grateful to still have a "home away from home" , and a Momma & Daddy to go to, but if I didn't, I possibly would still find a little corner of home some place, somewhere.

I got this idea from a friendly blogger who visited her parent's home and just caught the most beautiful photos in her mom's home that spoke more than current stories.. it was history. So I decided to do the same.

And since this photo is about "framing" my pictures, I thought it would be great to use this beautiful picture photo of the place were I have spent eons of time, over the past 47 years. Ironically enough, my parents moved into this home when I was one year old.

This backyard has so many memories since I was a child.
Tons of cookouts, parties and celebrations ... picking mulberries from mom's trees in the summer; and when it snowed - igloos and ice caves with my brothers in the winter. I still remember how cold it was making those snow angels and drinking hot chocolate... and playing in the snow with my lovable dog, Rex... it's where he lived. Our backyard. I still use Rex's name today, as a password on most things, and immediately my thoughts travel to this backyard.

I joined #OurProject52 this week and their beautiful project of searching for beauty in everyday life...a link up with Lashawn & Mimi , respectively.}

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