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Holly Willoughby’s Cleavage Proves That Sexy Sells

By Tempestra @tempestra1

Holly Willoughby’s cleavage proves that sexy sellsEvery Saturday night, my wife and daughter insist on watching a barrage of reality TV.  First we have “The Voice” and then “Britain’s Got Talent” (more like Britain’s Got Ad Breaks, if you ask me).  Usually, if I’m not working a night shift, I’ll use this as an excuse to put my feet up and catch up on the newspapers.  However, this week, my attention was diverted.  Yes, I could not help but notice that the lovely Holly Willoughby was wearing a low-cut dress which showed off her finest assets.  Well let’s face it, she’s not known as Holly Willoughbooby for nothing!  There was a particularly funny moment when a vertically-challenged lad was hugging her…..with his face directly in the cleavage – no doubt he was the envy of many a man!

Of course my girls felt the need to comment on the fact that this was a desperate attempt to gain more viewers – an opinion which has been voiced by various media over the past few days.  Well if this really was their aim, then hats off to the BBC – they’ve generated more column inches with pictures of Holly’s assets than any other show over the weekend.  And I must confess, as a typical, red-blooded man, I am definitely more inclined to watch from now on!

Right or wrong, sexiness sells.  If that show was fronted by a Plain Jane, they wouldn’t have half as many viewers, I’m sure of it.  Personally, I have no problem with it.  If Holly doesn’t mind exposing half her breasts, viewers are happy to see it and the BBC get their ratings up – it’s an all-round winner!  Keep up the good work, BBC…

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