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HIPAcrisie Looms: First Dr DEA; Now Dr ATF

Posted on the 19 January 2013 by Fadi Bejjani @DrFadiBejjani
HIPAcrisie Looms: First Dr DEA; now Dr ATFWe already established in previous posts that the patient doctor relationship was all but defunct. To put the nail in that coffin the DEA started enlisting physicians as its law enforcement agents in the last few years: urine tests, pharmacy spot checks, state registries etc. In parallel DEA was locking up a doctor a week for a while for Rx drug wrongdoings. The line between enforcer and enabler is thinning and got exponentially confusing with the advent of medical marijuana and marijuana clinics..
Since the 80s doctors had been enlisted as DYFS agents. They are supposed to report any child with "signs of abuse" and receive a course in that before they get their license in certain states like NY. I wonder how many families got broken up unnecessarily because of overzealous ER Dr DYFS
Hot of the press, Washington wants docs to become ATF agents now and ask the patient if s/he has weapons at home. Are they then supposed to test them for gun powder residue on their fingers as well?! Doctors will be required to have a small CSI lab on site in the near future I am sure!
Where is HIPA in all this and why do we even bother having patients sign all these documents about patients bill of rights and all that bla bla bla. It is Clintotesque!
I can see the exam room drama" "Tell me how many guns you have at home and how many magazines or I cannot operate on your back." I would not be surpsised if that patient will then be seeking to have the doctor commited. It won't be my doctor the awesome specialist but my doctor the informant. If you refuse to inform for the ATF then you better do it for the IRS for sure. Those guys will clean you up otherwise.
What is in it for the doctor-deputized-aw-enforcer. I do not see the least bit of additional remuneration or recognition. All I see is more trouble for docs, more lawsuits, more costs and more doctors being assaulted and shot like the one in the Midwest abortion clinic. A patient relationship with his doctor will look a lot more like his relationship with his parole officer. I am pretty sure the latter is not required to take the HIPACRATIC OATH!
The new (Obama)care providers: Dr DYFS, Dr DEA, Dr ATF, and Dr IRS. The new standard of (Obama)care: Caught between a Doc and a Hardplace!

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