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Hillsborough – Let the Healing Process Begin…

By Solarisastro @solarisastro


I didn’t look at the Hillsborough tragedy astrology chart until this morning as I was really busy yesterday with other things, but a combination of things prompted me to have a look. A initial little background. The tragedy occurred at a semi final match in the FA Cup between Nottingham Forest & Liverpool played in Sheffield on 15th Apr 1989. There was a crush at the Liverpool supporters end of the ground as too many people were herded by the police into one section of the stadium, the “Leppings Lane” end. Because of the barriers to stop people getting onto the pitch to safety, that crush became a fatal one with supporters unable to move or escape. In the melee, 96 innocent Liverpool football fans died that day, many from crush injuries and asphyxiation. It now appears that the police in the aftermath turned the blame onto the Liverpool supporters to cover up their own failings in handling the crowd, and it has taken 21 years for the truth to be revealed, in a devastatingly frank and open report.

I must say that I was struck by the unexpected, unreserved apology given by the Prime Minister yesterday evening to the people of Liverpool and the families of the 96 victims who perished. The shocking truth of the police cover up taking the blame off of themselves and pinning it onto the victims was utterly shameful, and I hope that those who lay responsible for it finally get the karma that is coming to them. Another reason for looking at this chart was a spot from a fellow astrologer, Jamie Partridge who noticed a yod formation in the sky yesterday which he correctly delineated as a force for healing. My god was he right on this one, well done Jamie. The correlation between the moment of the Hillsborough tragedy and yesterday’s yod is stunning, and is something that needs closer examination.

Hillsboroughtragedy natal

The Hillsborough chart is set for 15.06, the moment when the referee on the day Ray Lewis stopped the game on the advice of the police as the extent of the tragedy was becoming apparent. There was a nasty triple conjunction of Uranus Neptune and Saturn at that moment all in the 5th house of sport. Neptune’s relationship with Saturn has always had health issues associated with it, and if there is a word that comes to my mind to represent this conjunction then it is “unfortunate”. Suffering occurs when these two planets hook up in difficult angles, and combine it with the unexpected nature of Uranus and really troubling events can happen. That day, we had such an occurrence at a sporting arena, mass universal suffering.

Notice what we have feeding into that triple conjunction. Wounding from Chiron via an opposition, extreme force from Mars via a laser like quindecile, excess from Jupiter through an irritating inconjunct, secretive control and hidden messages from the Pluto Mercury opposition focused onto the triple conjunction, death and destruction from Pluto itself in it’s home sign of Scorpio. The Moon representing the people was in the 12th house of suffering square to the Midheaven. This was a public suffering that everyone in the UK felt, compounded with Chiron being at the point of a mini grand trine connecting the Moon with the Sun/Venus conjunction on the day> This was not just a personal wound, this was a socially felt wound. One other aspect to note, the quindecile from Pluto to Venus in Aries with passions running high. This aspect was also another metaphor for the day – death and destruction (Pluto in Scorpio) affecting the crowd at a sporting event (Venus in Aries) as well as undermining (Pluto) relationships (Venus) for a long time to come.

The fixed stars on the day of Hillsborough for Sheffield told the story so aptly. Mars was conjunct Phact, Bellatrix, Capella and El Nath. There is a sense of freedom here (Mars Capella) but with it danger (Mars Phact), facing personal demons and weakness (Mars Bellatrix) and reckless and foolhardy abandon with a lack of safety concerns(Mars El Nath). Remember that Mars in the chart was quindecile Uranus, unexpected accidents were to color this day. Mars can also represent the police, remember this for later. Mercury was conjunct Hamal, so maybe people were thinking recklessly and not worrying about the consequences of their actions, until it was too late of course.

The planet star parans of the 15th of April for Sheffield 53 N 22 degrees were shocking. Both Neptune and Saturn were rising as Menkar, the star in the mouth of Cetus the whale, the sea monster was on the nadir of the chart. This suggests to me huge collective chaos and the welling up of emotions from the depths of people’s souls, in short tragedy and confusion. Pluto was on the nadir as Algol the Medusa, one of the most unfortunate stars in the heavens, was culminating signifying death and destruction. At that moment, the Moon was setting as Acumen, one of the stars in the sting of the tail in Scorpio was culminating, showing the possibility for loved ones to be in crisis or to pass away. Mercury was culminating with Diadem, the woman’s crown or headdress was setting. This is another unfortunate star showing the sacrifices of the ordinary man and women or the donation of their time, and let it not be forgotten that many ordinary people did extraordinary things to try to save the lives of others. In the same vein, Mars rising with Zuben Elgenubi setting shows social justice and the idea of people assisting others.

Now, there was a shadow of course over the proceedings that we now are aware of, and had I looked at the paran connections between the planets and the stars earlier, then I would have been intrigued by the next set I am about to explain, for they show a lot. Both Saturn & Neptune were also rising with Facies (the eye of the archer in Sagittarius). Think in the terms of Saturn as those who administrate and Neptune as a planet of cover up and deception. Facies is such a focused star and often it shows the ability to lack any sort of regard for others; it is ruthless and overarching. This connection shows a enormous capacity and ability for those who were in charge to cover their tracks. Furthermore, Mars (the police) was on the nadir with Alkes, the star in the sacred cup Crater setting. This brings an idea of protecting what you find sacred, protecting your team and your own arse!!! Yet more, Mars was culminating at the Midheaven when Zosma, the star on the back of the Lion in Leo was rising. Here is victimisation of individuals or of a group. We all know now that this is what the police (Mars) did in changing official documents to show them in a good light and shifting the blame onto those who died. In my book, the stars convict and had I seen this 21 years ago, then I would have raised some questions about what I see now.

Yod 12 Sept

Why did the truth come out now, 21 years late? I came to look at this case because of a post by fellow astrologer Jamie Partridge. He mentioned a healing yod formation which occurred yesterday. Above is the chart & you see Chiron and Pluto at the base of the yod pointing to a conjunction of Venus and the Moon. Chiron signifies a wound and healing and Pluto represents secrets. The secrets of those in charge (Pluto in Capricorn) were brought out in a most public manner (Venus & Moon) in the spotlight (Leo) allowing the healing of the wound (Chiron) for the collective and for those who had suffered (Pisces) to begin.

Hillsboroughtragedy transits

Bringing things up to date, you can see that the point of that yod, the Moon Venus in the outer ring was square to the Hillsborough Mercury in the 9th house, the ruler of the original chart representing I think the publication of the report on what happened that day. Notice also that transiting Chiron, the planet of healing has now progressed to the descendant opposite the Hillsborough ascendant. Transiting Neptune in the same way is now sitting on the Hillsborough North Node, a moment of destiny as the mist and fog of corruption clears at last. Transiting Pluto is now connecting to that triple conjunction of Uranus Saturn and Neptune. The Uranus Pluto square is opening things up now, bringing unexpected information to light. Just wait until Pluto hits Neptune and Saturn at 12/13 Capricorn in 2014, the base of the cover up I explained earlier. That is when the families of the 96 will finally get justice and closure…

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