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Highschool Days by melcas29 Save $5 on Your

By Itsmelcas @itsmelcas
Highschool Days
Highschool Days by melcas29 Save $5 on your order with code GIVETOMS5
Few years ago . . . 
Oh there's lots of memories that I can think of when I hear the word high school, while browsing some images, I saw this Popeye shirt, and it reminded me of my outfits or styles during high school. It wasn't too long ago, but things for sure changed. After high school, I kept all my tees and rubber shoes aside along with the not so used clothing. Why? One reason, I wanted to look mature haha ! I wanted to be like those girls on TV that are older than me , but come to think of it, now I missed my high school get up, I feel like it's a less hassle, less work kind of thing, in short , it's the effortless look as we call it. I just put a shirt on, pair it with jeans and some kicks, and voila ! I am good to go ! It's a great  outfit cause I can go to the park, run around, do whatever without worrying something might just flash lol. Even the way I carry my bag is different now, I used to be the satchel or backpack girl and why? It's very comfy, the bag is just around my body haha. I can still remember that I don't even use shoulder bags when I was a little younger tehehehee. Things did change for sure, how I dress up, the styles I like, the colors I like ( I used to be a colorful person) but one thing didn't change, deep down I'm still a child at heart. 

Always wear your cute pajamas to bed you’ll never know who you’ll meet in your dreams! Nightly Night everyone, xoxo MelissaHighschool Days by melcas29 Save $5 on your

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