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Current Favorites

By Itsmelcas @itsmelcas
Hi guys,
I decided to make a post on my current favorites,  I also did a little review on every itemand these arethe things I usepretty much everyday

Current Favorites

Viva La Juicy Perfume,  Calvin Klein Perfume, Lancome La Base Pro, Lancome Teint VISSIONNAIRE, Lancome Compact Powder, Ardell Lashes, Maybeline Lipstick

- Viva La Juicy Perfume ( I just love the sweet and gentle smell of this perfume, its so feminine and it came in such cute packaging starting from its box to the bottle. I think it's around $70)
- Calvin Klein perfume ( I love the mild scent of this perfume, I think I got it for $80 and I've been using it for a long time i think it's worth it, but the scent doesn't stay very long though in my opinion. )
- Ardell Demi Lashes ( I wear lashes almost every day and this lashes are my favorite specially for everyday wear, they look natural and the best thing is they're less than $6 and I reuse mine for more than 10 times. I won't buy a way more expensive lashes, I just don't see the point, once I tried the Mac ones, they cost almost $20 but they work just like Ardell lashes! I definitely recommend this lashes specially if you're new to the lash world they will make your eyes pop real good without looking like a clown)
- Lancome La Base Pro ( My skin feels so smooth after putting this base, its pricey for a small bottle ($46) but I love what it does on my skin the only thing though is my skin still gets oily after few hours, the mattifying property of La Base didn't give any justice for me)
- Lancome Teint Vissionnaire (I will stick to this even though it's pricey.  What I love about this is it gives me a good coverage even if I only use small amount in my face, and I love the idea that its a foundation with healing powers and it last for hours and hours, no need to retouch)
- Lancome Powder ( It keeps me non greasy all day, a compact powder that will last for a long time)
- Maybeline Lipstick in Plum Perfect ( my favorite fall lipstick, I just love the color its so fallish. In my opinion whenever I wear it, it brightens up my face, I don’t look like I just got out of my bed, the only thing though is it doesn't stay on very long, I do retouches after I eat or drink or basically just after a few hours, to me that's fine its not like I need a 20 hour lipstick, I don't stay out that long anyways LOL. And for its price ($6) you can never go wrong with that hehe)
That pretty much sums up my current faves ♡♡♡Hope I didn't bore you guys too much with my essay look a like blog :)
- Melissa

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