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Highlights of the Week

By Sweetheartdiary @Amna_88_Afzaal

Highlights of the week
Highlights of the week
Highlights of the week
I really enjoyed this week as we had holidays for the Saudi National Day so we had a long weekend! We went to Makkah, visited some friends, went out for shopping and had a good rest. My sister and niece were also here and we spent the weekend together.
Did I mention that my elder brother won a trophy? Yeah, he did! He was the captain and his cricket team won the final match, yay, and we didn't forget to ask him for the treat though. ;)
I also bought a bamboo tablet and I am loving it. I would love to learn more about its use. Can you help?
That's all about this week. How is it going at your end?

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By Ummu Thalaatha
posted on 10 December at 14:05

oookie. this is weird lol, i didnt know facebook would post what i was going to write on that sisters blog lol.

By Ummu Thalaatha
posted on 10 December at 02:26

As salamu alaikum sister Amna :)

Subhanalah this is kinda weird but interesting. My name is Amina and I too bought a bamboo tablet not too long ago. I too just opened my first blog ever ( 3 days ago lol) and i appreciate art in general. I think you do too. Im glad I ran into your blog. Its always nice meeting others whome you have share similar interestS with. I live in Toronto. I also liked your ribbon idea. Ill try it with my daughter i. A. Take care sis wasalam.