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Hide It in a Book...

By Misslara16 @misslara
Hide it in a Book...
There is a quote I dislike so much and  its the one which says 'if you want to hide something from a black man hide it in a book.' I do not like this saying because it underestimates the ability of an average black person to seek knowledge. We are naturally intelligent people but how many of us seek or crave knowledge? Its sad that people sit and watch the world move on, while we glory in the stale information we acquired a zillion years ago. Its important to seek knowledge because it helps to fuel your intelligence.
The importance of quality information cannot be overestimated the presence of information fuels your ability to display wisdom because wisdom entails the ability to rightfully use information at ones disposal. A man without knowledge is like an empty vessel and what is the use of a vessel when it holds nothing. I always like to stress the fact that there is nothing called information overload one can not possibly have too much knowledge. the more knowledge you acquire the better you can handle things that show up in our day to day life. This is to reach out to my African brothers and sisters out there we have to learn to read books its a "virtue".
 The more the information (quality not junk) you have the better your chances of getting ahead, not only academically, your whole life will be better for it. Load up on quality and positive information, books (primarily) music, art etc. You have to expose yourself to new things its important for well rounded growth. We have to outgrow the "Local Champion Syndrome"

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