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Hi-5 House Hits in Manila

By Darci Catimpo @lady_emelye

the little boy loves watching hi-5. he knows the songs, follows the dance steps and imitates whatever it is being done on-screen.

the hi-5 gang has already been here a couple of times before, but we were not able to watch them. so when i read at ticketworld that they will be back this december, i was already on the lookout for tickets.

yesterday, i read a tweet from ticketworld announcing that the tickets are now being sold exclusively first to hsbc cardholders.

good thing our company's payroll is thru hsbc, that is why i have a debit card which i can use. in addition to being the first ones being able to purchase tickets (best seats are being sold fast), the hsbc deal also comes with an additional 15% off the ticket price.

this exclusive deal is available from july 22 - august 22, 2014. tickets will then be available to the public by august 23.

i got our tickets last night! #superexcitedforthelittleboy

it's a little sad that this is already the new cast as the little boy is more familiar with tim, fely, casey, stevie and lauren. nevertheless, i am sure he will still enjoy.

so what are you guys waiting for, here's how you can purchase tickets:

Newport Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World Manila

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