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Birthday Trip 2014: Macau Day 0.5

By Darci Catimpo @lady_emelye

for my annual birthday trip, we went to macau, the las vegas of asia. :D

we left manila on sunday evening, and after around 2 hours of flight, we arrived at the macau international airport. funny thing after we deplaned, we were ushered into a bus which will take us to the terminal. so we waited until the bus was full, and then the bus started to move. not 15 seconds have passed, the bus stopped and we were already at the terminal building. we were all like, we could have just walked instead of waiting. ;)

it was a breeze through the immigration, then we got our bags. we then boarded the shuttle which would take us to our hotel.

while planning this trip, we took a lot of consideration for the hotel that we will be booking. most of the hotels are a little expensive, and the cheaper ones are a little small. it would just be fine if it was just hubby and me, but we had to consider all the facilities of the hotel because of the little boy.

luckily, we were able to avail of a promo at holiday inn macao cotai central. we got a 3-night accommodation for just around hkd 2600.00. we booked this thru the IHG website since i am a member.

the shuttle dropped us at the front door of the hotel. upon checking in, we were asked for a hkd 2000.00 deposit. it is a little steep for the usual hotel deposit. good thing we had a extra money.

the room was very spacious. it had a king-sized bed with soft and firm pillows. a working desk, sitting chair plus all the usual amenities. we also got free wifi access for upto 4 devices.

for the toilet and bath, we had a bathtub and a separate shower area. i like the ginger and lemon scented toiletries and the oatmeal soap. another plus factor is that their toiletries are all paraben-free so it is safe to use. housekeeping also ensured that all of the things we used were replaced or replenished everyday. my son enjoyed soaking in the bathtub. :D

after we have settled in, hubby went out to get some food and we had nuggets and burgers from mcdonald's. after cleaning up, we went in for a good night's sleep.

day 1 starts tomorrow.

Holiday Inn Macao Cotai Central +853 8113 9000 [email protected]

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