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Birthday Trip 2014: Macau Day 1

By Darci Catimpo @lady_emelye

after getting enough rest the night before, we are now ready to explore the place.

one of the most important things to remember if you are touring macau is that shuttle buses are available everywhere. most of the big and known hotels have their shuttle buses which travels to and from a certain location (i.e. the airport). just make sure to take note of the hotel nearest your destination so you can take that particular shuttle. they leave at regular intervals, have wifi, and best of all, free. :)

also, there are a lot of filipino workers there, especially in the hotels. so if you need directions or any kind of help, look for a familiar pinoy face, and you will not have to worry about conversing in english. ;)

first stop is the venetian macao which just across the street from our hotel.

we proceeded to the shopping area of the complex. there we had our brunch in it's foodcourt. the place was designed to mimic venice, with its canals and buildings. even the lighting is simulated so that you will feel that you are in an outdoor shopping place.

one of our itineraries here included a visit to the transformers expo celebrating the franchise's 30th year. hubby is a big transformers fan, so we had to go. :) it had exhibits about the history, evolution of the design of characters and the storyline. there were also interactive spots wherein one can play and try out some technology.

after the expo, we went back to the shopping center. of course, we had to ride a gondola! our gondolier was italian, but he sang songs in english, italian, and filipino! it was a very entertaining experience.

after this, we went back to the hotel to rest a bit, and so that the little boy can have his afternoon nap.

we went back out at around 5pm, to visit another hotel complex. the city of dreams.

i wanted to watch the house of dancing water, but it wasn't recommended for children below 6. i also think that my son would get bored and might want to leave in the middle of the show, so i decided against it for now.

we saw the vquarium where you can see mermaids doing dances along with other sea creatures.

we lined up to catch a showing of the dragon's treasure at The Bubble. this a 360 degrees multimedia show, telling of the magical properties of the dragon pearl. you will brought into different places by the four dragons. the show was great.

we walked around a little bit and took some pictures both inside and outside the complex. then we went back to our hotel.

since i am an IHG member, we got to redeem free drinks from the hotel's lobby lounge and planned our activities for the next day.

sands cotai strip also has a tie-up with dreamworks, so they have this nice park situated in the ground floor. it features characters from shrek, kungfu panda, madagascar, how to train your dragon and turbo.

we had dinner at the food court of the shopping mall located at sands cotai, and then we retired back at our room.

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